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Reconsideration Procedures for Management Personnel Plan Employees

Responsible University Officer: Associate Vice President, Human Resources Management

Primary Guideline Contact: Director, Staff Human Resources


In accordance with Executive Order 1106: Reconsideration Procedures for Management Personnel Plan (MPP) employees, issued pursuant to Sections 42728 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, the Chancellor's Office establishes this internal procedure to provide its MPP employees with a process for the consideration and orderly management of requests for reconsideration.


This procedure applies to MPP employees who request reconsideration of personnel actions exclusively concerning retention, evaluation, promotion, demotion, assignment, and/or reassignment. It is the policy of California State University, Long Beach, to encourage discussion and seek resolution of such requests.


This procedure provides for two stages of review, except for individuals reporting directly to the President.

First Level Review

An employee must notify the immediate appropriate administrator of the complaint, request or allegation by asking, in writing, for an appointment within 30 days of the decision or personnel action giving rise to the request. The immediate appropriate administrator shall meet with the employee to discuss the matter within 14 days of the receipt of the written request for the meeting. The immediate appropriate administrator shall document the results of this meeting within 14 days of the meeting with the employee, and provide a copy of such documentation to the employee and the appropriate division executive.

Second Level Review

Should the matter remain unresolved at the first level, the employee may request in writing, reconsideration with the President or his/her designee. Such a request for reconsideration must be received by the President or his/her designee within 10 days of the employee's receipt of the first level recommendation. This written request shall specify relevant dates, times, places, persons and other facts necessary for a clear understanding of the matter in question and shall include the results of the first level meeting. The President or his/her designee and the employee shall meet to discuss the request within 10 days of receipt of the second level request for reconsideration. Within 20 days after the level 2 meeting, the President or his/her designee may render a written decision to the employee. Failure to render a decision within such 20 days shall be deemed a denial of the request.


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Subject Contact Phone Email
Primary Guideline Contact Nancy Torres (562) 985-2299
Subject Matter Expert Neil Iacono (562) 985-7161


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Issue Date: October 1984

Last Review Date: July 2008

Amended Date: July 2018

Amended Description: Updated to reflect changes in Executive Order 1106