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CSULB Vanpool Program

Guideline Contents

  • Responsible University Officer:
    Director of Parking, Transportation, and Support Services
  • Guideline Contact:
    Director of Parking, Transportation, and Support Services


CSULB is committed to supporting sustainable transportation options for our campus community. This is a critical component of the university’s Climate Action Plan, as 60% of our campus greenhouse gas emissions are from commuting to campus. This is also in accordance with the South Coast Air Quality Management District requirement for all companies with over 250 employees in the South Coast Air Basin to have an employee commute reduction program in place. The purpose of this guideline is to support sustainable transportation choices, reduce single occupancy vehicle commutes, and encourage University employees and students to participate in our Vanpool Program.


CSULB Vanpool Program

CSULB vanpools consist of 5 to 10 students, faculty, staff or community members who, as a group of full-time vanpool participants, rent a van through Enterprise Rideshare to commute to and from the campus. Participation in the vanpool program is a privilege and not a benefit of employment or enrollment at the University.

Per Enterprise Rideshare rules, all vanpool participants must be 18 years or older, and all vanpool drivers must be 25 years or older with 5 years of driving experience within the USA. This verification process will be conducted by Enterprise Rideshare. In addition, vanpool drivers must be staff or faculty members at CSULB.

Vanpool drivers are prohibited at all times from operating the CSULB vanpool vehicle for travel to recreational or leisure locations, or for any trips other than to / from the worksite or work-related trips. Vanpool participants are not covered by Workers Compensation while commuting to and from work.

Employee vanpool subsidy eligibility and limitations

The Metro Vanpool Program offers up to a $400 monthly lease fare subsidy for publicly operating commuter vanpools with a destination to a Los Angeles County worksite. Metro will review each application received for eligibility and completeness based on the following rules: (1) Applicant is the confirmed Vanpool Coordinator or lease holder. (2) Vanpool operates at least 30 miles roundtrip and three days each week, (3) Vanpools must begin service with at least 70% of vehicle seats occupied, (4) Vanpool agreement holder agrees to all terms and conditions of the Metro Vanpool Program. (5) Vehicle lease fare is less than or equal to maximum lease authorized. (6) Vanpools must end at a work site located within Los Angeles County, (7) Vehicle selected is less than four years old and/or under 200,000 miles.

Fuel expenses for CSULB vanpools will be compensated in full by Parking and Transportation Services. Supporting documentation will be required to receive the fuel subsidy. Vanpool members are not eligible for any additional benefits, such as Employee Rideshare Rewards points or employee public transit reimbursement, with the exception of the Vanpool Coordinator who is eligible to receive up to $1 a day in Rideshare Rewards points.

Please note that policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis and are subject to change based on review findings. Please email or call (562) 985-RIDE(7433) for additional questions or concerns.


Information on CSULB vanpools can be found at

University employees may be invited by Parking and Transportation Services to attend a vanpool formation meeting. If, at or following the meeting, a minimum of two individuals agree to become full-time vanpool participants with one Vanpool Coordinator and at least one willing driver, then:

  • Vanpool drivers must be employees of the university, meet Enterprise Rideshare driver requirements, pass a DMV check, and enroll as a driver with Enterprise.
  • The vanpool may sign up for a monthly rental subsidy from Metro.

It is the Vanpool Coordinator’s responsibility to:

  • sign the Vanpool Coordinator agreements with Enterprise and Metro
  • record daily ridership and mileage
  • serve as the primary contact with Enterprise for maintenance
  • submit monthly documentation to Metro
  • collect and submit monthly payment to Enterprise
  • collect parking permit annually from the Parking Office
  • purchase fuel and submit monthly documentation to the Sustainable Transportation Coordinator for reimbursement
  • inform the Sustainable Transportation Coordinator any time there are changes to the full-time members of the vanpool

The cost of the monthly van rental, less any applicable Metro subsidy, shall be divided equally among the full-time vanpool participants. Vanpool members shall, on or before the first of each month, pay the cost of their vanpool participation to the Vanpool Coordinator.

Students, employees or community members who are 18 years or older and who are interested in part-time ridership or one way rides shall contact the Sustainable Transportation Coordinator at (562) 985-7433 or The Sustainable Transportation Coordinator will then contact the Vanpool Coordinator for space availability for the day the ride is requested.

  • Contacting the Sustainable Transportation Coordinator does not guarantee space availability on the van.
  • The price to be paid to the Vanpool Coordinator by the rider for part-time ridership or one way rides shall be determined by the Vanpool Coordinator.
  • Any monies accrued by the Vanpool Coordinator for part-time or one way rides shall be split evenly among participants.


  • All forms and instructions will be provided by Enterprise Rideshare, Metro, and Parking and Transportation Services to participants upon their agreement to form a CSULB vanpool.


Subject Contact Phone Email
Primary Guideline Contact Amy Gerety (562) 985-1473
Subject Matter Expert Kayla Sandoval (562) 985-7433


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Issue Date: July 17, 2012

Last Review Date: August 5, 2016

Amended Date: August 5, 2016

Amended Description: Updated incentives and program policies