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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach


This set of procedures has been developed to provide guidance to CSULB business travelers, approvers, and payment processors for travel conducted on behalf of California State University, Long Beach. It supplies the details to statements referenced in the CSULB Travel Policy and explains the taxability of certain reimbursements.

This document has been separated into sections based on travel destinations and lengths of stay due to the different rules applicable for reimbursement. The majority of University travel is conducted within the contiguous United States and lasts for 30 days or less. Reimbursement for expenses incurred in this category will be based on actual expenditures, with meals and incidentals reimbursed up to a maximum daily limit. The procedures established for this type of travel are applicable to all types of travel unless specified to the contrary.

Additional guidance is provided in separate sections for:

  • Travel 30 days or longer within the contiguous United States;
  • Travel within Alaska, Hawaii and the U.S. Possessions; and
  • International destinations

Extended travel (lasting longer than 30 days) and travel outside of the 48 contiguous states will be reimbursed on a per diem basis, with amounts varying by location and length of stay (see Sections XI, XII and XIII).

Insurance requirements, insurance coverage, and notification instructions for emergencies or accidents are provided in Section VIII. Travelers are advised to review this section prior to travel. Additional requirements for international travel are outlined in Section XIII.