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Miscellaneous expenses are reimbursable when they are ordinary and necessary to accomplish the official business purpose of a trip. The Travel Expense Claim must include an explanation of why such expenditures are being claimed. Following is a non-exhaustive list of reimbursable and non-reimbursable travel related expenses.

  1. Tips (Non-lodging Related)

    The University will reimburse reasonable and customary gratuities (generally up to 20% of the total bill) for items such as shuttle driver tips. Meal tips are reimbursed as part of the meal expense; taxi tips are reimbursed as part of the taxi expense; valet tips (if exception is granted) are reimbursed as part of the parking fee.

    Tips and gratuities for extended travel or travel outside the contiguous U.S. that are over and above tips reimbursed as part of the per diem are reimbursable if reasonable and incurred while traveling on official University business.

  2. Business Related Expenses

    Such expenses include, but are not limited to: internet and travel booking fees; word processing services; equipment rentals; fax and computer expenses; copy services; overnight delivery/postage; purchase of materials and supplies, when normal purchasing procedures cannot be followed; rental of a room or other facility for the transaction of official business; local and long-distance telephone calls (including one reasonably brief, non-emergency, personal call home per day); and laundering, cleaning, or pressing of clothing if a trip exceeds six days.

  3. Registration/Event Fees

    Registration fees for attendance at conferences, conventions, or meetings of professional or learned societies.

  4. Non-Reimbursable Expenses

    This section identifies various expenses not addressed elsewhere in this policy that are not permitted using University funds. Non-reimbursable expenditures are typically characterized as those with a personal purpose. “Personal Purpose” are those activities that are for personal enjoyment, private gain or advantage, or an outside endeavor not related to University business. Reference California Government Code 8314 (b) (1). This list is only meant to provide examples of expenses that will not be reimbursed by the University.

    Such expenses include but are not limited to personal domestic ATM/credit card fees; fines/citations; clothing and accessories; commuting expenses; frequent traveler program participation; FastTrack (or equivalent); club membership fees; luggage (lost luggage may be covered, see Section VIII.E., Personal Property or Baggage Loss); personal entertainment; personal care; and dependent/pet care.