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A Travel Expense Claim shall be used to account for all travel advances and expenses incurred in connection with official University travel.

When properly completed and approved, this form is used to reimburse the traveler for any additional amounts due. All expenses that have been paid in advance of the travel must be cleared by via a Travel Expense Claim after completion of the trip. For direct billing arrangements that have been approved in advance, a Claim must still be processed as verification that the expense was incurred, even if no reimbursement is due the traveler.

  1. Reporting Period

  2. The Travel Expense Claim must be submitted to the Controller’s Office - Accounts Payable MS 9901 office within 30 days of the end of a trip unless there is recurrent local travel, in which case Claims may be aggregated and submitted monthly. When a trip lasts more than 90 days, the traveler must submit a quarterly report of expenditures.

  3. Completion of a Travel Expense Claim

  4. The total amount of all expenses and advances pertaining to a particular trip must be accounted for when submitting a Travel Expense Claim. Except for trips that require quarterly reporting, all expenditures for a trip should be reported on one Travel Expense Claim. Previously reimbursed amounts related to the trip should be detailed on the claim. Supplemental Claims may be submitted if necessary, but must be clearly marked “Supplemental” and must identify the original Claim submitted in connection with the travel.

    1. Substantiation of Expenses
    2. Substantiation must include the following:

      1. The date and time of departure from and return to the traveler's normal work location or residence
      2. The origin and destination of the trip and the route taken. Travel within a local area also should be indicated; continuous travel between major points, such as from city to city, should be shown separately. Any substantial deviation from the distance shown in a standard highway mileage guide must be explained.
      3. The purpose for the travel or the nature of the business benefit derived as a result of the travel.
      4. The amount of each expenditure listed by date and location.
      5. Claims for reimbursement of expenses paid for others shall be submitted by the group leader and must include the names of persons on whose behalf expenses were incurred, an itemization of the expenses, and other pertinent supporting documentation. For additional information on group expenses, see Section V.D., Payment of Group Subsistence Expenses.
      6. If any personal leave is taken while on official travel status, the dates of personal leave days must be specified in the Claim package.
    3. Documentation Requirements
      1. Receipts
      2. An itemized receipt:

        • Demonstrates the cost (shows what was purchased), and
        • Provides proof of payment (shows how was it paid)
        • Itemized receipts for all expenses in excess of $75.00 must be submitted with the Travel Expense Claim
        • An agenda, itemized receipt, or other supporting documentation for all registration fees.
      3. Electronic Receipts
      4. Electronic receipts are acceptable provided that the detail contained in an electronic receipt is equivalent to the level of detail contained in an acceptable paper record.

        For example, an electronic receipt must show:

        • the name of the payee
        • the amount of the charge,
        • the transaction date,
        • and the form or payment

        When required to ensure adequate documentation of the costs incurred, the traveler is responsible for providing additional detail, e.g., a receipt with itemized hotel charges.

        E-mailed or faxed documentation provided by an airline or travel agency for electronic ticketing expenses for airfare is acceptable for substantiating such expenses. A copy of the faxed itinerary and receipt or a copy of the e-mail itinerary and receipt printed locally should be attached to the Travel Expense Claim.

      5. Missing Original Receipts
      6. When original receipts are required but cannot be obtained or have been lost and all measures to obtain a duplicate receipt have been exhausted, a statement should be provided explaining why such receipts are not being submitted with the Travel Expense Claim. The statement must include a certification that the amount shown is the amount actually paid and that the traveler has not and will not seek reimbursement from any other source.

        The Appropriate Administrator must provide written approval on the travel claim form for the expense. In the absence of a satisfactory explanation or administrator approval, the amount involved will not be reimbursed.

        When traveling internationally, where it may not be customary to receive a receipt from certain vendors (i.e. taxi/shuttle service), the traveler should journalize their expenses for consideration of reimbursement.

  5. Certification of Travel Expenses

  6. The traveler must sign the Travel Expense Claim certifying that the amounts claimed are a true statement of the expenses incurred while on official University business and that the original of all required receipts has been submitted. For expenses where a receipt is not required, (e.g. expense is less than $75), the employee’s signature is substantiation for that expense.

    Submission of the Travel Expense Claim under a traveler’s electronic authorization will be considered certification that the traveler incurred the expenses being claimed. In accordance with IRS regulations, an electronic signature must:

    • Identify the traveler who is submitting the electronic form;
    • Authenticate and verify the submission; and
    • Be the final entry in the submission
  7. Return of Excess Advance Amounts

  8. If the amount of an advance exceeds the reimbursable expenses, payment for the amount due or a receipt from the cashiers, shall be submitted with the Travel Expense Claim. The check must be made payable to CSU Long Beach.