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Horn Center Awarded LEED Gold

The Steve and Nini Horn Center was recently awarded the US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design) Gold status. This is a significant sustainability milestone for CSULB as the second certified green building on campus and the first Energy Star rated campus facility. The LEED designation for Existing Building Operation and Maintenance focuses on energy and water efficiency, waste minimization and recycling, low environmental impact maintenance procedures, improved indoor air quality, and a green cleaning program designed for a more environmentally friendly physical environment. To learn more about the project, see Inside CSULB.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Beginning August 1, 2013, the Chancellor’s Office is switching training vendors from Workplace Answers Inc. to LawRoom. How does this systemwide decision affect you? When you are required to complete a training program, LawRoom will send you the updated Sexual Harassment Prevention and/or Ethics training program via email. You will only be contacted by LawRoom if you need to complete one or both training programs. Both programs are online and operate the same way as our former training vendor. Your prior training records are also archived. If you have any questions regarding the sexual harassment prevention training, please contact Equity & Diversity at (562) 985-8256 or Larisa Hamada. If you have any questions regarding the Ethics training, please contact Beth Ryan at (562) 985-1741.

Traffic Alerts

During the summer months, we traditionally perform construction and related projects that would cause major traffic issues during the academic calendar. Below is a list of projects that may impede traffic throughout the summer. Please read these carefully as they may impact your ingress/egress to CSULB. Watch for future updates as these projects can change without much notice. Our website will be kept current as we continue with projects to improve the physical campus.

Update: East Campus Drive Closed for Emergency Utility Line Repair

Repairs to the high-pressure hot water pipe located under East Campus Drive are still in progress. The leak has been found. It is anticipated that repairs will be completed and that the road will be opened for vehicle use by Monday, July 15. In the meantime East Campus Drive will be closed to cars, trucks, and carts. Pedestrian passage is not affected. The road will be closed from East Campus Turnaround to the Microbiology building. Parking Lots 7, 8, and 8A will be accessible from 7th Street only. Questions should be directed to Enrique Robles, Manager of Construction Services, Office of Design & Construction Services at 562-985-4175.

Sidewalk on 7th Street Closed

Due to the construction of a new pedestrian walkway linking 7th Street and campus, the existing sidewalk on the north side (campus side) of 7th that goes through the VA campus will be closed. Completion is scheduled for August 16, 2013. Please go here to see diagram of the affected area and pedestrian detours.

June 24 - August 23, 2013 - Construction at Beach and West Campus Drive – Use Atherton Street, Palo Verde Avenue, or East Campus Drive for easier access

New shared bike lanes and enhanced pedestrian crossings will be added at Beach and West Campus Drive. Construction has begun and will continue through the summer. Entering/exiting the campus using Atherton Street, Palo Verde Avenue, or East Campus Drive may provide a smoother commute.

This safety improvement project includes repair, slurry, and restripe on West Campus Drive and Beach Drive from 7th Street to Bellflower. Also included will be new ADA curb ramps, crosswalks, flashing beacons, street lights, catch basin, sidewalks, railing, signs, and landscape. We will maintain a minimum of 1 lane in each direction. Please be aware that at times traffic lanes will be reduced to 1 lane only with flag men at each end to provide traffic control. All required traffic control devices will be maintained throughout the duration of this project to provide proper and safe delineations for vehicular travel. There will be a need to relocate some bus stops on occasions and signs will be provided showing the route to a temporary or nearby bus stop. Additionally detour signs will be provided and maintained for all pedestrian paths including those required to be accessible. Please go here to see diagram of affected area.

Thank you for your patience as we make our campus more sustainable by improving our roadways and supporting alternate transportation. Any questions call the Office of Design and Construction at (562) 985-4175. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Internal Budget Document Now Available

The Internal Budget Document for 2012-13 is now available. This document contains detailed General Fund budget allocations and salary data for budgeted positions as well as budget overviews for the College of Continuing and Professional Education, Housing, Student Health Center Facility Fee, Parking, and Lottery funds. The printed document contains division and department budget information and allocations.

Due to budget constraints and in the interest of sustainability, we no longer distribute a hard copy version. However, three copies are available for check-out at University Library Reserve. The Internal Budget Document is posted on the university website in the Budget area, and may also be accessed by going to Budget Central (on the university’s home page) under “CSULB Budget Process & Related Documents.”


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