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View / Add and Correct Email Addresses

Screnshot of email addresses

Click on Correct email addresses and the following page will display:

Email Address edit page

If you have an On-Campus email address it may have been automatically generated when you were initially hired. If you change or delete the on-campus email address note that it will be updated weekly with your assigned on-campus email address. If you want to designate another email address as preferred, you will be allowed to do this.

To add e-mail address click on the Add an Email Address button and a new row will appear. From the drop down menu, select the type of email address you want to add and enter the email address. Save by clicking on the Save button.

To delete an email address click on the Delete button next to the email address you want to delete. The screen below will appear asking you if you want to delete the email address. Click Yes - Delete to continue.

Delete Confirmation page