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View / Correct Home and Mailing Addresses

You are no longer required to visit Payroll Services to make changes to your home and mailing address. You can do this online. If you have a US Savings Bond deduction or other deductions, you must change your address directly with the deduction company, as we are not able to interface our system at this time with these providers.

If you are also a CSULB student, address changes made here will also be reflected on your student records.

Home Address

Your home address is the address of your physical residence and required to assure correct enrollment in certain benefit plans. This address can not be a campus address, unless you reside in on-campus dormitories.

Mailing Address

Your mailing address is the address to which the university will forward official correspondence including your W-2. This address can be the same as your home address. This address can not be a campus address, unless you reside in on-campus dormitories.


Remember that if you change your home address and it is the same as your mailing address, you must change both.

To view or make corrections to your home and mailing addresses, select Correct home/mailing address and the following page will launch:

Change Home and Mailing Address

When you select Update or correct your current address, you will then be able to enter changes and indicate the date this address change becomes effective. After you have entered all changes, click Save. You will get a message that the save was successful:

Save confirmation showing "OK" button

Then, select the OK button to continue.

You will receive an email sent to your preferred email address notifying you of the changes that were made.

Screenshot of Change Home and Mailing Address Page

Don't forget that if your home and mailing addresses are the same, you must change both at this time!