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All Human Resources Management Forms

Human Resources Management Procedures and Forms

Human Resources Management   Issue Date MS Word Files MS Excel Files PDF Files
Confidentiality of Human Resource Records & Information Requirements 2006-05-10  MS Word Document   PDF Document
Employee Label / List Request Form [ Instructions ] 2001-10-03    MS Excel Document  
HR Combination Code Override 2017-04  PDF Document
HR Confidentiality Form 2015-11    PDF Document
HR System Access Form - Central User 2012-04  PDF Document
HR System Access Form - HR/Timekeeper Access 2017-07  PDF Document
Position Action & Pool ID Request [ Instructions ] 2017-04  PDF Document
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Staff Human Resources Procedures and Forms

Staff Human Resources   Issue Date MS Word Files MS Excel Files PDF Files
Employee Planning and Performance Goal Setting Sheet [ Information ] 2010-10  MS Word Document
Employee Planning and Performance Review Form [ Information ](Employee Evaluation Form) 2016-05 MS Word Document PDF Document
Employee Professional Learning & Development Plan 2016-10   PDF Document
Employee's Choice of Physician   PDF Document
Employment Application
(Emergency / Intermittent / Casual Worker Applicants Only)
2014- 06 PDF Document
Fee Waiver: Dependent Registration Form 2018-07 PDF Document
Fee Waiver: Staff Registration Form 2018-07 PDF Document
In Range Progression Form 2016-03 PDF Document
Management Personnel Performance Evaluation Form 2016-08 MS Word Document PDF Document
Personnel Transaction Form [ Instructions ] 2012-08 Excel Document
Position Description Form 2017-06 PDF Document
Reference Check Verification Form 2016-06   PDF Document
Request for Recruitment Authorization 2018-03   PDF Document
Staff Leave of Absence Request Form [ Information ] 2016-06 PDF Document
Supplemental Employment Application Questionnaire 2016-07 PDF Document
Unit 4 Performance Evaluation and Goal Setting Sheet 2018-04 PDF Document

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Volunteer Assignment Forms   Issue Date MS Word Files MS Excel Files PDF Files
I.D. Card Application   MS Word Document
Volunteer Identification Form [ Information ] 2013-08-28  PDF Document

Benefits Procedures and Forms

Payroll Procedures and Forms

Payroll Issue Date MS Word Files MS Excel Files PDF Files
Absence & Additional Time Worked [ Instructions ] 2015-06     PDF Document
Absences Without Pay Form 2013-02     PDF Document
Additional Pay Voucher 2019-02   PDF Document
Alternate Work Schedule Form 2012-11   PDF Document
CalPERS Reciprocal Self-Certification Form 2017-08      
Clearance Certificate 2016-08     PDF Document
Direct Deposit 2012-04      
Employee Action Request 2015-10     PDF Document
Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) 2017-07-17     PDF Document
Fringe Benefit Certification 2008-07-31   PDF Document
Hourly Employee Time Voucher 2011-01   MS Excel Document  
Independent Contractor Pre-Hire Worksheet Authorization 2016-08     PDF Document
Immediate Pay Voucher 2010-10   MS Excel Document  
Outside Employment Disclosure and Acknowledgement 2014-09     PDF Document
Information Sign-in Sheet [ Instructions ] 2016-08     PDF Document
Request for Nondisclosure of Employee Home Address 2000-11-12     PDF Document
Self Identification Form 2015-08     MS Excel Document
Salaried / Hourly Adjustment Form [ Instructions ] 2014-04     MS Excel Document
Veteran Self-Identification Form for Employees 2015-08     PDF Document
Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability 2015-08     PDF Document
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Payroll - Students Issue Date MS Word Files MS Excel Files PDF Files
Student Adjustment Form [ Instructions ] 2016-05     PDF Document
Student Employment Payroll Transaction Form (SEPTF) [ Instructions ] 2018-03     PDF Document
Student Performance Report [ Instructions ] 2016-07   PDF Document
Student Voucher - Blank [ Instructions ] 2014-05 MS Word Document PDF Document
Summer Bridge Questionnaire Form 2018-05 PDF Document
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Support Services Procedures and Forms

If you have trouble accessing any of these documents, please contact the office whose form it is. For DAF office hours, locations and phone numbers, start here.