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Position Action & Pool ID Request Instructions

How to Complete the Position Action Form for all Position Actions

What is a Position Action Form?
A Position Action Form (PAF) is the means to create or modify position management data that our campus uses in PeopleSoft HR.
Process Guide Purpose
This guide explains the data elements, various actions, required to process a Position Action Form including how the form should be completed, how it should be routed, and what happens when the HR Tech Sup Office receives it.
Process Owner
The HR Tech Sup Svcs  is responsible for the data entry of PAFs into PeopleSoft HR as agents for the Administrative Services Managers who are responsible for understanding and monitoring the data of positions within their domain.
Form Submittal
The PAF should be emailed to Forms will only be accepted from ASMs or designees as indicated on the Position Mgmt Approval form kept on file. If you need to revise an authorized document submitter, please contact the Position Mgmt Coordinator at extension 5-2480.
The most current version of the form (Revised – Jan 2012) can be found at the HRM Website and looks like this:

Top Half of form:
Position Action Form - Top half

Bottom Half of the form: includes Approvals and Actions by central offices:
Bottom half of Position Action Form

How to Complete the Form?

The following information details the actions used in PeopleSoft HR to track position management data elements and history:

PeopleSoft Action

Reason Code

Description and Process Details

Data Elements Required on the PAF

Add A Position


First action required to create a new position within a department. This is required prior to submitting a recruitment requisition or hiring/transfer/promotion action PTF.


Inactivate A Position


This action inactivates a position. Positions are never deleted in PeopleSoft. Positions are inactivated if they are no longer authorized for active appointments.

Provide Position # only; position must be vacant.

Reactivate a Position


This action changes a position status from inactive to active.

Provide Position # only; position must be inactive.

Job Reclassification


Change a Position due to a R03 Non-faculty Promotion Action or change the job code of a vacant position (may be subject to Academic Personnel approval.)

Provide Position #, new Job Code, new Grade/Range and new Working Title (if applicable). If the position is not vacant, in order for the incumbent employee’s job history to be modified, a PTF is required.

Job Reclassification


Change a Position resulting from the formal reclassification process.

NOTE: The Position Mgmt Coord can process changes to the Job code and/or Working Title via Position Action Form (PAF) if the position is vacant. If the position is not vacant (incumbent is in the position), a Reclassification Notification Form is required from Staff Personnel before the  Position Mgmt Coord can process the changes to job code or/and working title.

Provide Position #, new Job Code, new Grade/Range and new Working Title (if applicable). MPP position must have a specific working title.

Update Data


To change one or more of the following data elements: Pool ID, Reg/Temp indicator, FTE, Budgeted Position indicator or Headcount. If the FTE changes and the position is filled, a PTF is also required.

Provide Position # and any of the data elements that have changed. These can include: Pool ID, FTE, Budgeted Position indicator or/and Max Head Count.

PeopleSoft Action

Reason Code

Description & Process Details

Data Elements Required on the PAF

Working Title Chg


Used in the event that a position title changes but the classification does not. A PTF is not required as Position Mgmt Coord will notify HRSS to update the employee’s job record.

Provide Position # and new Working Title.

Change a Position due to a Temporary (Reclass) Reassignment and End Temporary (Reclass) Reassignment


This action changes the job code on a position and the class/working title/descriptions whenever Personnel approves a temporary reassignment and the ASM wants to use the current incumbent’s position (assuming there are not multiple employees hired into the same position.) Alternatively, especially if the employee who will be reappointed will have someone backfilling their regular appointment, an ASM may choose to create a new temporary position. A PTF must be processed by the ASM to reflect the reassignment action.

For TRC: Provide Position #, new Job Code, new Grade/Range, and new Working Title (if applicable). If the position is not vacant, before the incumbent employee’s job history can be modified, a PTF is required.
For ETR:
Provide Position #, Job Code, Grade/Range, Temporary, and new Working Title (if applicable).



Used to reflect a department, reporting authority, pool ID and/or unit tied as a reorganization action in PeopleSoft. If the attendance unit changes only, we still track these data changes as a reorganization action. A PTF is required for any reorganization that requires a unit change because these must be captured in the PIMS Payroll system. If the “Reports to” position or/and Dept ID changes as a result of the reorganization, the PAF will be processed after notification & approval by Staff or Academic Personnel, which will also allow HRSS to update the incumbent’s job record.

Provide Position #, new Dept ID#, new Pool ID, new Reports to Position # and/or new Unit if applicable. If you change a Dept ID#, you must provide the Pool ID that ties to this Dept ID#. See below for additional notes regarding reorganizations.

In Class Progression/Range Elevation


Change a Position due to a Staff position’s In Class Progression or In Range Progression.
The Position Mgmt Coord can process the changes to the range code via a Position Action Form (PAF) if the position is vacant. If there is an incumbent appointed to this position, a Reclassification Notification Form is required from Staff Personnel before the Positon Mgmt Coord can process the changes to the range code. If the incumbent’s salary is only affected, a PTF is required (not a PAF).

Provide Position #, specific Working Title, and Grade/Range (if applicable). MPP position must have a specific working title. Working Title must be within the range of Job Title.



ASM Name
the name of the ASM or designee who should be called if questions come up.
Org Unit/College Name
ASM’s domain of departments = organizational unit.

ASM Ext & Email
the campus email and phone number of the ASM.

Effective date
the date the entry should become effective; normally the date the PAF is processed except as required under special circumstances when the effective date needs to be pre- or post-dated to accommodate a pending hire/appointment or future action.

Incumbent’s Name
if the position is filled / not vacant. (Last, First M)

Actions Requested
Check the box of the action requested and complete all applicable information only in the green fields across the row.

Field Definitions

Position #
when this field is required indicate the valid 8-digit number position number as assigned in the CMS HR system. The spreadsheet is formatted so you don’t have to type in the leading zeroes.

Department #
must be a valid department ID (5 digits) in the HR table. The spreadsheet is formatted so you don’t have to type in the leading zeroes.

Job Code
the classification code as approved by Staff Personnel or Academic Affairs.

Position Pool ID
links the position to the funding source. A pool ID must already be established for the department in the Position Pool table. New Position Pool IDs can be created by completing the bottom part of Position Action and Pool ID Request under the Funding Section. Changes to Position Pool IDs also follow that process.

Working Title
All MPP positions must have specific working titles. If this field is left blank for non-MPP positions, we will use the CSULB naming convention for the classification. As required, the Position Mgmt Coord may change abbreviations in conformance with CSULB naming conventions. Descriptions will also be shown as mixed upper and lower cases. The field length for the Long Working Title/Description is limited to 30 characters including spaces.

Reports to Position
the form must minimally reference the title of the position that the new position will report to; optimally, the PeopleSoft Position Number will be indicated. Only one "reports to" supervisor may be indicated. The reports to supervisor must be a CSULB employee. (Note: in the case where a Foundation employee is the direct supervisor, please indicate the first CSULB employee above the Foundation employee supervisor.) Certain changes may require advance approval of Staff or Academic Personnel. Position Mgmt Coord will facilitate appropriate updates to an incumbent’s job record with HRSS.

A Regular position will be established when an incumbent has a permanent appointment. An incumbent whose appointment has an end date will be appointed to a temporary position. The appropriate use of this data element has been changed effective January 2005 to be consistent with PeopleSoft business practices and logic for Regulatory Reports. CSULB will use the budgeted position check box to denote if a position is funded with base budget (general funds.)

FTE = Time base
required for all new salaried positions to 2 decimal places, no fractions. Pooled temporary faculty, immediate pay type job codes (special consultants, casual workers, demonstration faculty, special session faculty, etc.), intermittent and students should reflect a time base/FTE= 0. Graduate assistants working 20 hrs a week = 0.5 FTE. Job records will correctly denote an employee’s actual appointed time base.

Budgeted Position
check the box if this position is funded totally or in part by General Fund base budget dollars. If the box is checked the position will print in the Internal Budget document.

indicate the maximum number of incumbents authorized for hire/appointment into the position. If budgeted, there should be sufficient base funding available to hire the maximum headcount indicated. The field will accommodate a number from 1 to 9999. If blank, the Position Mgmt Coord will consult appropriately with the ASM or if the position to be created is for a Student employee (all classes/job codes) or Lecturer, the headcount will be defaulted to 999 unless expressly designated by the ASM to do otherwise.

required for any positions within a job code/classification that has multiple ranges tied to a different pay scale. For example, Foundation (1), Career (2), or Expert (3) within the IT Series. For new positions, the attachment from Personnel should clearly authorize the range requested.

indicate the 3-digit code of the reporting unit based on the department/ timekeeper who will process timesheets for this position and any incumbents appointed to the position. This will also designate where the employee’s paycheck will be routed. For student positions, department ID designates timekeeping. In those situations, the unit defines voucher distribution/location.

Miscellaneous Guidelines

Normally, there will be one position created for each expected appointment/incumbent. However, there are certain mandatory and optional exceptions to that rule:

A unique position number (1:1 Position to Incumbent) is required for:

  • All MPP Positions.
  • All Tenure and Tenure Track Faculty Positions
  • Staff positions within a department that have unique job titles and or combinations of the following data elements: Job Code, Position Pool ID, Range/Grade, Working Title, Supervisor, Unit, Budgeted position indicator.
  • When otherwise requested by the ASM (except Student Employees – all classifications, Part Time Lecturers, Teaching Associates, and Graduate Assistants.)

Multiple Head Count Positions (More than 1 Incumbent may be hired into the same position number- up to 9999) are created for:

  • Temporary lecturers hired into the same department and paid from the same fund sources.
  • Student Assistant positions in the same department, position pool (funding source) and attendance unit. (This is mandatory to effectively utilize the CSU Student Hire process.)
  • Work-study positions in the same department. (This is mandatory to effectively utilize the CSU Student Hire process.)
  • Staff positions when all data elements are identical: Department, Job Code, Position Pool ID, Range, Job Description and Working Title, Supervisor, Attendance Unit, Budgeted Position indicator. (This is recommended, but optional.)
  • Miscellaneous Immediate Pay-type jobs within a department if multiple hires are anticipated and the job code and funding are the same. This includes Job Codes: 2322, 2323 - Instructional Faculty - Special Programs for Credit, Extension; 2356 – Substitute Instr Faculty; 2357 – Instr Fac Summer Session; 2362 – Demo Instr Fac; 2363 –Instr Fac Ext Non-credit; 2365 – Music Studio Instr Fac; 4660 – Special Consultant) (This is recommended, but optional.)
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How to Complete Position Pool ID Form

Administrative Service Managers (ASM) are responsible for defining the chartfield/funding attributes of positions within their departments/organizational units for the purpose of labor cost distribution. They do this by creating position pools for each department. The pool ID links employees via PeopleSoft position numbers to the financial chartfields to which labor costs will be charged. The Position Pool ID Form used to add a new position Pool ID or modify an existing position Pool ID. The Pool ID form has been combined with the Position Action form and it is on the bottom of the form under Funding section.

Departments must complete a Position Pool ID form:

  1. To add a new Position Pool ID for a department to link financial chartfields to positions for labor cost distribution.
  2. To modify an existing Position Pool ID description or/and chartfield/funding attributes or funding distribution of multiple chartfields.

Screenshot of Pool ID form

Position Pool ID

The Position Pool ID is:

  • the key to labor cost distribution
  • department specific (so you can reuse the same value for every department)
  • a value up to 3 characters (alpha & numeric) which is ASM defined
  • attached to every employee by the position
  • capable of defining multiple funding sources at set percentages so the employee is hired into a single position (and the employee will receive only one paycheck!)
  • a label only; behind the scenes set up by Position Mgmt Coord links the Position Pool ID to funding chartfields. Therefore, effective dated changes can be made without changing the Pool ID value.
  • the default fund source for labor cost distribution.

Important Notes

To inactivate Position Pool IDs, there should be no active position(s) attached to it. If the Pool ID you want to inactivate is attached to any active position(s), you must change a Pool ID for that position(s) before you can inactivate it. To change a Pool ID attached to a position, complete a Position Action Form (PAF) and submit to

When you modify the chartfield/funding attributes for an existing Position Pool ID, be aware that this change will affect all positions attached with this Pool ID. To change a Pool ID attached to a position, complete a Position Action Form (PAF) and submit to

ASM Name:
ASM with responsibility for labor cost distribution for the impacted department.
ASM Phone and Email:
The campus phone number and email address of the ASM. (If you send the form via email, that address is unnecessary.)
Department Name:
The name of the department for which the Position Pool ID is being established or changed.
Position DeptID:
Indicate a valid position department ID (the field is formatted for 5 digits – you do not have to type the leading zeroes). This position DeptID ties to Pool ID and chartfield/funding attributes.
Pool ID:
Indicate the 3-character (numeric or alpha) position pool ID to be created or modified. This Pool ID ties to position DeptID, position, and chartfield/funding attributes.
Effective date:
The date chosen will dictate when the labor cost distribution changes will take effect. Please list the first payroll month you want this Pool ID to be used. The effective date is always the 1st day of the payroll month. Retroactive changes can only be made to July 1 of the current fiscal year using HR Expenditure Adjustment.
Action(s) Requested:
There are only two actions authorized by this form. Check the appropriate box:
    1. Add a New Position Pool ID for the department, or
    2. Modify an existing Position Pool ID for the department.
New/Revised Pool ID Long Description:
The ASM can describe the pool ID according to their own naming conventions and requirements. The long description can be up to 30 characters. The description can be modified.
New/Revised Pool ID Short Description:
The ASM can describe the pool ID according to their own naming conventions and requirements. The short description can be up to 10 characters. The description can be modified.

List all of the chartfield/funding attributes for the Position Pool ID in percentage amounts; any valid combination up to 100% is possible. Use actual valid chartfield values and combinations (as prescribed by Financial Management).

For example:

GFE02 00231 10110 50%
RAE02 00722 24%
44101 00726 10171 26%

The Position Mgmt Coord will validate that the chartfield combinations will pass legal “combination edits” prescribed by Financial Management.

Comment Section:
to be used as appropriate to convey information to the Position Mgmt Coord.
Department/Division Approval:
optional if required for internal processing, please notify the Budget office, otherwise it will be assumed that the ASM’s approval is sufficient.
Budget Office:
after processing, the Budget Analyst will send an email confirmation to the ASM and retain a hardcopy of the form as an audit trail.

Miscellaneous Guidelines

  • A Position Pool ID is only three characters, any combination of alpha and numeric. ASMs may name their Position Pool IDs according to their own established conventions and rules. A long description of 30 characters and a short description of 10 are essential for each Position Pool ID.
  • A Position Pool ID is unique to a department therefore you can use the same Position Pool ID for every department. The key is what chartfields are mapped to the Position Pool ID and in what combination for each department – be careful as they may be different despite the identical name! For consistency, we suggest a Pool ID be used for similar funds/programs within your department.
  • You can specify different chartfield combinations by percentages with as many combinations as necessary.
  • A chartfield combination can reference a different department ID other than the department for which the Position Pool ID is being created.

If there are any questions, please email or contact a Position Mgmt Coord at Ext. 52480.

The effective date of a change to a Position Pool ID is critical. Retroactive changes can be made retroactive to July 1 of the current fiscal year. To make retroactive changes, an HR Expenditure Adjustment needs to be processed.

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