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The Student Performance Report is used to periodically assess work performance of a student employee and to determine whether a pay increase is warranted. Promotions are increases between levels (refer to the Student Assistant/Work-Study Salary Schedule), which indicate that a student is performing work for a different and more complicated job.


Section A: Student Assistant Information

This section needs to be filled out completely by the department supervisor. Make sure you indicate the effective pay period if making a job and/or pay rate change.

  • Department or Work Location: the department name that the student is being evaluated in.
  • PeopleSoft EmplID#: the student's identification number assigned by PeopleSoft.
  • Name of Student: last name, first name, middle initial.
  • Period of Evaluation: from and to date of evaluation.
  • Job Title: current job title.
  • Range: current salary range.
  • Rate: current hourly pay rate.
  • Effective Pay Period: the date of the pay rate change goes into effective (all pay rate changes will become effective as of the first day of the next pay period).
  • New Job Title: new job title.
  • New Range: indicate new pay range. Refer to the Student Assistant/Work-Study Salary Schedule.
  • New Rate: indicate new hourly pay rate. Refer to the Student Assistant/Work-Study Salary Schedule. NOTE: If the new rate is in a different salary range, a new job description should to be written and maintained in the department.
  • Brief Description of Duties: describe the duties student employee will be performing.

Section B: Performance Evaluation

  • Select the appropriate box for MSI:
    • 1st 280 hours to be eligible for a Merit Salary Increase (MSI)
    • 2nd additional 400 hours for next MSI
    • 3rd additional 520 hours for next MSI
  • Mark the appropriate rating box for each criteria.

Section C: Additional Comments

  • Use this section for comments and/or for ratings of 1 (Unsatisfactory) or 2 (Improvement Needed).
  • Reviewing Supervisor's Signature is required.
  • Director/Department Chair Signature is required.

    Section D: Student's Signature

    • Student will need to check the box if they would like this information to be made available to future employers.
    • Student's Signature is required.

    NOTE: This form must be accompanied by a completed SEPTF (Student Employment Payroll Transaction Form) and forwarded to Payroll prior to the effective date of the pay rate increase. We can not make retroactive pay rate adjustments. Please process the paperwork timely.