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Instructions for Completing the Student Voucher

Student Vouchers are normally pre-printed and distributed by attendance unit to departmental timekeepers. Timekeepers are responsible for distributing vouchers to students and collecting completed vouchers in a timely manner so payroll cutoffs and deadlines can be met.

If you are unclear about the pay period for Student employees and payroll deadlines, please contact the Student Payroll Technician.

Field Descriptions

Note: these fields may already be completed if the voucher is "pre-printed".

If you do not have access to any of the following information, please contact your Administrative Service Manager.

Top Line

enter the 3-digit attendance unit for the student employee as defined by the PeopleSoft position (and employee's job record.)
Dept ID#/Name:
enter the 5-digit department ID and department name (must be the same department attached to the position number)
Position #:
enter the 8-digit position number assigned to the student's appointment.
Pay Period:
enter the pay period the voucher is covering.
Pay Rate:
enter the hourly rate of pay (for reference only, you can not change the payrate by entering a different rate.)

Second Line

Employee ID#:
enter the employee's 9-digit identification number (this is not the SSN or SCO Position #; it is equivalent to the employee’s student id #.)
enter the 1-digit reference number that indicates the correct appointment for the payment being requested. This number relates to whether an employee has multiple concurrent jobs – for example, a work-study appointment and a student assistant appointment concurrently.
Employee Name:
use the following format:  last name, first name, middle initial.
Job Code/Title:
select the 4-digit job code number and job title (e.g. 1870/Student Assistant)


Use this table to convert minutes to tenths of an hour.

Calendar Area

Enter the dates of the week under “Week of.”

For each day that time is reported, the student should enter the date, time in, time out and total number of hours worked each day. (PLEASE DO NOT USE MILITARY TIME.)

Employee must show a half hour lunch break if more than 6 hours are worked in a day.

Example In Out Hours
Time Worked 8:00 12:00 4.0
Time Worked 12:30 3:30 3.0
Total     7.0


The student (or supervisor/designee) must total the hours each week and enter the number in the space provided at the end of each row, labeled "Weekly Hours." Each weekly total should be totaled under "Total Hours."

The Excel version of this voucher has been formatted to be completed online.  The automated calculations will only work if the following criteria are met:

  1. Student must work from AM to PM. The formulas do not work if the student works from PM to AM (after midnight).
  2. You must type in AM or PM after you enter the times under the columns labeled "Time IN and OUT" in order for the hours to compute correctly (converting minutes to tenths of an hour.)
    • For example:
      • Time In: 9:00 am
      • Time Out: 2:30 pm

Approval Signatures

Student must sign and date completed voucher. Supervisor must certify time worked, sign and date voucher.  Time should not be entered in the timekeeping system if the student has not signed the time voucher.