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How to complete a Personnel Transaction Form (PTF)

Personnel Transaction Form

The PTF is used to process a wide variety of personnel and payroll transactions, with the exception of leaves relating to disability (IDL and NDI), which will be processed directly by the Payroll Office in coordination with the appropriate offices.

You may use the PTF to accomplish two goals:

  1. For multiple appointments, process a single action per appointment for the same employee for the same pay period.
  2. To process two actions for one appointment for the same pay period, for the same employee.

Top of Form

Date Prepared
Enter the date that the form is being completed.
Doc _ of _
This is completed if more than two actions will occur in the same pay period requiring more than one PTF document. Example: Document 1 of 2 and 2 of 2.

Personal Data

Enter name of employee: last name, first name, middle initial.
Place a check mark in the appropriate box to indicate the employee's title: Dr., Mr., Mrs., Miss, Ms.
Empl ID#
(Employee Identification Number) Enter the nine-digit unique number assigned by the PeopleSoft system. If the action is for a new employee, leave this field blank.
Enter the Social Security Number (SSN) for NEW EMPLOYEES ONLY. Do not enter this number for existing employees. They will be appropriately identified by their Empl ID as their SSN is already stored in the data base.

Degree Information

Highest Education Level: Enter the highest education level for all new hires or, for current employees, when the action is to update education/degree information. For higher education levels, please specify type of higher degree (i.e. BS, MPA). Values include, but not limited to, are:

  • Associate Degree = A
  • Bachelor's Degree = B
  • Completed Elementary = E
  • Completed Junior High = J
  • Doctorate = D
  • High School Diploma (GED) = H
  • Master's Degree = M
  • Professional Certificate = C
  • Professional Degree = P
  • Some college = Q
  • Some elementary school = S
  • Some High school = I
  • Some Junior High = K
  • Trade/Craft Certificate = T

For non-R03 employees, if a specific degree is required for the employee to occupy his/her position, a copy of the degree must be sent to Staff Human Resources. For all R03 employees, verification of the degree is to be coordinated with Faculty Affairs.

Terminal Degree
Check box if the degree is a terminal degree. A terminal degree is the highest degree required to teach in a designated discipline in higher education. This applies to R03 employees only.
Date degree awarded
Enter date degree was conferred. (This cannot be future dated.)
Enter the name of the institution from which the degree was granted and the state of it's location.
Enter the FICE code for the institution, if known.

Job Action

Department Name
Enter the name of the department (location of work).
Dept ID
Enter the 5-digit department ID number of the funding source.
Describe Action in detail for this PTF
Enter a description of the purpose for the PTF
1 Current
Leave all fields in this line blank if hiring an employee who is new to the campus or someone who was a prior employee. For a current employee, enter all fields with the information of employee's current assignment (before requested changes have been made).
1 New
Enter all fields for an employee who is new to the campus or was a prior employee who is being rehired. For a current employee, enter only the new/changed information (different from the Current line).
2 Current
Enter all fields with the information of employee's current additional assignment, if applicable.
2 New
Enter all information of the new additional assignment/action, if applicable.
Eff Date
Enter the effective date of this action. This date is the beginning of the business day.
Empl Rec
(Employee Record Number) The original hire action for an employee is record number zero (0). For multiple positions, the employee is assigned new record numbers, in increments of one (1).
Seq #
(Sequence Number) Enter a sequence number whenever more than one action needs to take place on the same date, in the same record. Sequence numbers begin with the number zero (0).
Position #
Enter the position number for the job action.
Job Code
Enter the job code (classification code).
Classification Title
Enter the classification title (not working title) for the job, per the Salary Schedule.
Time Base/FTE
Enter the time base/FTE expressed to two decimal places. For intermittent employees, enter “INT”.
Base Rate
Enter the Base Rate (refer to the CSU Salary Schedule). For salaried employees, this is always the full-time monthly salary for the employee. For intermittent hourly employees enter the full time monthly salary, if applicable, and the hourly rate.
Appointment End Date
Enter the appointment end date for all temporary assignments.
Enter the 3-digit Unit number. This number designates paycheck distribution and attendance recording.
Enter the employee’s Grade (CSU Range) or Step, if applicable.
Leave of Absence - Expected Return Date
For Leave actions, enter the date the employee is expected to return to his/her prior work status.
Months not worked for 10/12 or 11/12 Appointments
Enter the month(s) the employee will not work for 10/12 and 11/12 employees. (Note that for 10/12 and 11/12 appointments, the effective date must be the beginning of a payroll period.)
Separation Reason
If the action is to terminate an employee, choose the appropriate reason from the drop-down list. Note: If an employee is resigning, a copy of his/her notice of resignation must be attached to the PTF.
Last Day & Hour Physically Worked
If the action is to terminate an employee, enter the last day & hour worked.

License/Certificate Information

Complete this section when a newly hired employee’s position requires a license or certificate, or when a current employee moves into a position that requires a license or certificate. If more than 2 licenses/certificates are required, attach an additional piece of paper with the additional information. A list of CSULB job codes which require a specific license/certificate may be found on the 3rd worksheet of this file. Also refer to the Position Description, under Requirements of Position. Note: A copy of the license/certificate must be attached to the PTF.

Lic/Certif Type
Enter the type of license or certificate
Enter the number on the license or certificate, if there is one.
Exp Date
Enter the expiration date of the license or certificate, if applicable.

Personnel Use Only

Leave this section blank. It will be completed by the appropriate Personnel Office.

Signature Approvals

  • Department Signature (Optional)
  • Appropriate Administrator Signature & Date (Required)
  • Faculty Affairs/Staff Human Resources Signature & Date (Required)