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Deposit Transmittal


  1. Review the Detailed Instructions for Deposit Transmittal
  2. After completing the form, click "Display Printer Friendly Version" button to save.
  3. For chartfields, Do Not leave an empty row between entries.
  4. Take your printer-friendly copy to the Cashier's Office (Brotman Hall-148).

Fields with * are required.


Deposit Summary
Separate Deposit Transmittal


Note: For chartfields, start with the first row and Do Not leave an empty row between entries.

Description Cashnet Code (if applicable) Account Fund Dept ID Program Class Project Amount

Cashiers' Office Validation

Department Signature Date Cashier (Print Name) Date Cashier Signature Date

Take your printer-friendly copy to the Cashier's Office (Brotman Hall-148).

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Detailed Instructions
Enter Requester Information
Enter Date, Department Name (e.g., Cashier's Office), Department ID, Requestor Name, Requestor Extension or phone number with no dashes (e.g., 51752 or 5629851111)
Tender Types and Amounts
Enter totals for each tender type (Cash, Coin, Wire, Check amount & number, Credit Cards) - - For Number of Checks, enter the quantity of checks submitted for deposit. For Number of Credit Cards, enter the quantity of credit card receipts submitted for deposit. For Cash, Coin, Wire, Checks and Credit Card, enter the dollar amount (USD).
Peoplesoft Chartfields
Required for each deposit line item.
  • Description - Enter appropriate description such as donor name, event name or number, Dept. Reference, etc.
  • CashNet Code - If you know a code has been created in CashNet, use the code and no further chartfield information is required. If unknown to you, use full chartfield string. If this is travel reimbursement, enter the chartfields only. Use Description to note the travel reimbursement.
  • Chartfields - If a CashNet code is not known or does not exist, provide full chartfields from your project crossover table as applicable (Account, Fund, Dept, Class, Project, Bus Unit).
  • Amount - Enter the amount for each line item you wish to distribute the deposit amount to. If Total Funds and Total Deposit don't match, you will get an error on the form.
Verify Information Entered
  • Generate a printer-friendly copy (PDF) by clicking on Display Printer Friendly Version.
  • Review printer-friendly copy.
  • Sign and bring to the Cashier's Office (Brotman Hall-148).

Reminder: Please remember to follow all current cash handling procedures.

Revision Date: 01/25/2016