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Signature Authorization For Financial & Human Resources Transactions


  1. See the Signature Authority Policy for Applicable Activities
  2. Complete the form and use the button below to display a printer friendly version.
  3. Print the form and obtain the appropriate signatures.
  4. Return the form with signatures to Human Resources Service Group / Beth Ryan BH358 MS 0124 or it can be emailed to
  5. Review the detailed instructions for Signature Authorization for Financial and Human Resources Transactions

Fields with * are required.


*Indicate the Type Of Action Being Requested

The signature(s) below are confirmation that any expenditure activity authorized under this designation will conform to campus and CSU policy and sound budgetary practices, including assuming responsiblity for assuring the availability of funds to support expenditure activity.

SECTION B - APPROPRIATE ADMINISTRATORS FOR TRANSACTIONS - See Signature Authority Policy For Applicable Activities
Signature Authority Policy

List All Dept IDs and Funds the Signer is Authorized to Approve - Attach Additional Sheets if Necessary.

OR List Departments

For more information on Departments, review the Department List

Dept ID #1 Dept ID #2 Dept ID #3 Dept ID #4 Dept ID #5 Dept ID #6 Dept ID #7 Dept ID #8 Dept ID #9

Fund(If applicable - Refer to instructions before completing this section)

Fund #1 Fund #2 Fund #3 Fund #4 Fund #5 Fund #6 Fund #7 Fund #8 Fund #9 Fund #10

Name of Each Applicant requesting Appropriate Administrator authority:




Applicant(s) requesting Approver authority:




I approve the individual(s) listed above to be the designated persons for the Financial and Human Reources transactions indicated in the Signature Authority Policy. Review the Signature Authority Policy

Department Use (optional)

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Section A

  1. Indicate the type of action being requested - Check the appropriate box.

Section B

  1. Indicate the division, subdivision, departments and/or fund the individual for which the requested action will apply. You may list division name, sub division name, department number, and/or fund(s).
    1. Division name or Sub Division name indicates a group of departments e.g. College of Business or University Police. The requested change/add/delete will then apply to all departments under that sub division according to the PeopleSoft HR department tree.
    2. Department numbers, as defined by in PeopleSoft
    3. Fund numbers, as defined by PeopleSoft
    4. List applicant requesting Appropriate Administrator authority: This section is for management personnel or academic equivalent .
    5. Ensure each applicant signs on the corresponding signature line. This signature will be used to verify their signature on future forms.
  2. List applicant requesting Approver Authority: This section is for applicants who are non management or academic equivalent. They will automatically be assigned a Level 5 Signature authority for the listed departments.
  3. Ensure each applicant signs on the corresponding signature line. This signature will be used to verify their signature on future forms.

Section C

  1. Signature of Appropriate Administrator, level 3, required for adds/changes/deletes into master signature authority matrix.

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Note: Individuals with subdivision responsibility and direct Management Personnel reports can receive delegated authority by an authorized Level 2 to act as a Level 3 through written request.