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Chartfield and Trust Fund Request Form

General Instructions:

  1. Review the Detailed Instructions for Chartfield and Trust Fund Request
  2. Complete the form and use the button below to display a printer friendly version. If there are any errors or required information is missing, an informational message will appear. The printer friendly version displays once there are no errors on the form.
  3. Print the form, obtain the signatures, then scan and e-mail the form, with the signatures or appropriate e-mail approvals, to
  4. If requesting a new department ID or fund, please also complete the Signature Authorization for Financial and Human Resources Transactions Form (Leave Fund/Dept ID Blank)

Fields with * are required.

BUSINESS UNIT *Indicate Business Unit

SECTION A - CHARTFIELD REQUEST TYPE - ACTIONABLE INFORMATION *1. Indicate Chartfield procedure requested

NOTE: If requesting a new Department ID or Fund, please also complete the Signature Authorization for Financial and Human Resources Transactions Form for the new Fund/Dept ID (Leave Fund/Dept ID Blank).

*2. Indicate Chartfield type affected

NOTE: If requesting a SpeedChart in #2, please specify the Chartfield string below. Fund and Department required for all Chartfield strings. Project field is required for all grants funds.
Fund Dept Program Class Project

4. Chartfield Effective Dates - (Use beginning date of Fiscal Year)

5. Expected duration for new Projects (mm/dd/yyyy)

Project Start Date

Project End Date
SECTION B - DEPT ID SET-UP 6. Payroll Costs Applicable


16. Assessment of Trust Fund account fees - Check one (Please refer to Trust Fund guidelines grid)

SECTION D - Signature Approval - All requests

Appropriate Administrator/Approver Responsibilities - All Funds & Dept ID Chartfield requests REQUIRE Dean/AVP Signature

Appropriate Administrator/Approver Signature

Financial Management AVP Signature

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This form is intended to be used for the purposes of requesting to add, change, or delete a chartfield.

Procedure for Completing the Chartfield and Trust Fund Request Form

Indicate Business Unit - Select the appropriate business unit for the request.

Section A - Chartfield Request Type - Actionable Information

1. Indicate Chartfield procedure requested - Select from the options New, Change, or Delete.
2. Indicate the type of chartfield change that is being requested. Only if requesting a New SpeedChart, provide the chartfield string in the Fund, Dept, Program, Class, Project fields. Note: When SpeedChart is selected the fund and department fields are required. If the fund begins with "G1", then the project field is also required.
3. Functional Program (for LBFDN and LB49R only) - Please indicate what NACUBO program code applies to the fund request.
4. Effective Date - Enter the beginning year of the fiscal year that the chartfield will become active.
5. Expected Dates of Duration of Project - This information is required only if adding a project chartfield. Enter the start date and end date for the project. Use the reversion dates as the end date, if applicable. The reversion date is the date in which the appropriation reverts to the General Operating Fund. Expenditures and encumbrances are no longer authorized after this date.

Section B - Dept ID Setup

6. Payroll Costs Applicable - Select from the options Yes, No to specify is Payroll costs are applicable.
7. Dept ID Rolls Up To - Indicate the main department number (division, sub-division or sub-sub division) this department reports to.
8. Mailstop - Enter the mailstop number of the new department.
9. Manager Name and Position Number - Enter the name and position number of the manager responsible for the department.
10. Payroll Unit - to be assigned by HR Position Management.
11. Data Warehouse Access - Name(s) and Emp ID # - List the names and employee ID# of person(s) who need access to department information in Data Warehouse, if applicable.

Section C - Detailed Information

12. Title/Description of Proposed Chartfield Request - Enter a title/description associated with the proposed chartfield for the New request. If SpeedChart is selected on item #2, then this is not required.
13. Purpose of Request - Provide a specific reason for the New request. If SpeedChart is selected on item #2, then this is not required.
14. Source of Revenue Being Generated - Specify the source(s) of revenue to be generated under this trust (e.g. grants/contract proposals). If supporting documentation is available a copy should be attached to the form when submitted. This field is required only when requesting a New fund.
15. Type of Expenditures Being Charged to the Account - Provide a specific description of the type(s) of expenditures to be charged to this fund (e.g. equipment, field trips, student assistants etc.). This field is required only when requesting a New fund.
16. Assessment of Accounting Fees - Refer to the Trust Fund Guidelines Grid to determine if there are any fee assessments.

Section D - Signature Approval - All requests

Appropriate Administrator Name/Title/Signature/Date - Print the name and title of the individual with the ability to approve the action requested. Obtain the appropriate administrator's signature and enter the date the form was signed. Dean/AVP or higher level signature is required when requesting a new, or a change to an existing Fund or Dept ID.

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