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CPO Process Request Form and Instructions

Reimbursements or payments for services between CSULB and the Chancellor’s Office and/or other CSU campuses must be processed through a CPO (Cash Posting Order). No check payments are processed. The campus/department which is requesting the money completes the form (the responsibility is on the service provider or entity requesting funds). (CPOs are not applicable to Foundations or auxiliary organizations – check payments are processed, similar to 3rd party payments.)

To complete a CPO Request form:

  1. Click on the CPO request form below. There are two tabs - first one is the request and the second tab is a sample.
  2. Make sure your macros are enabled. Enter requested information on the form. If unsure of the account number, leave blank. Once completed, forward to: with subject: “CPO Request for "Insert Subject Here” (Example: PPFM Conference held 04/08/20xx).
  3. Please also forward supporting documents to show that CSULB has provided services and to whom. (See below for notes and suggestions.)
  4. General Accounting will review and submit the CPO to the Chancellor's Office (CO).
  5. Once the affected campus and CO approves, a CPO will be distributed to CSULB and other campuses.
  6. General Accounting will record the CPO as a journal entry.

Notes and suggestions:

  • For supporting document: Attach a registration roster that has information of attendee name, campus, department, email address & phone number or completed registration forms.
  • Wait until after the registration deadline to submit the CPO to collect the registration fees all in one CPO or wait after the event to get final figures.
  • Inform campus attendees that payments will be processed via CPO from your campus.