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Research Foundation Regular Timesheet


  1. Review the Detailed Instructions for Timesheet Form
  2. Complete the form and use the button below to display a printer friendly version.
  3. Print the "Printer Friendly Version" of the form.
  4. Return the completed form, and supporting documentation to:
  5. CSULB Research Foundation - Payroll Dept., Foundation Building, Suite 332, 6300 State University Drive, Long Beach CA 90815-4680

Fields with * are required.


Select Employee Type

Indicate whether 1st or 2nd pay period date range


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Fund Dept ID Project Program Class Pay Type


Non-Exempt (Hourly) Staff and Student Staff - I certify that I have taken all required breaks and meal periods during the pay period covered by this time card. I understand that I must provide a written report of any missed breaks and/or meal periods to the Research Foundation Associate Director of Human Resources within five (5) business days of the date this time card is due. I certify that the hours stated above are accurate and represent all hours actually worked by me during the subject time period.

Student employees certify that for the 32 weeks of the fall and spring semesters, they have not worked more than twenty (20) hours per week in total for CSULB and its auxiliary employers including the CSULB Research Foundation.

Exempt Staff - I certify that the hours indicated above accurately reflect my time away from work and that the effort distribution is a reasonable representation of my work effort during this pay period.


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PLEASE NOTE: You have the option of printing a blank form. Only stipulation is that the employee complete the 'required' fields. Populate the required fields THEN click on "Display Printer Friendly Version" to print the form.
Input Employee Last Name, First Name, CSULB ID and Pay Period Range (Required Fields)
Select employee type if Non-Exempt (hourly) or Exempt (salary)
Indicate whether 1st or 2nd pay period date range
Input chartfields. You may add up to 7 additional rows paid by different chartfields.
Select pay type:
  • REG - Regular
  • OT - Overtime
  • VAC - Vacation
  • OPA - Other Paid Absences
  • SIC - Sick Leave
  • DT - Double Time
  • H - Holiday
  • JD - Jury Duty
  • LOA - Leave of Absence
  • B - Bereavement
Input hours worked. You may add up to 7 additional rows per chartfields and/or pay types.
Sample completing the on-line form:

Sample image of completing the on-line form
Sample timesheet upon completion of on-line form:
Sample image of timesheet upon completion of on-line form
Obtain appropriate signature approval from the department and grants office, if required. The responsibilities/signature section of the form must be completed. The person requesting the payment must be different from the Appropriate Administrator/Approver.

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