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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Sole Source / Brand Form Instructions

This form must be completed when a request is made for a non-competitive purchase and the specifications limit the bidding to one source and/or one brand or trade name, the ordering department must include a written justification containing the following information:

  1. The unique performance factors of the product specified.
  2. Why these factors are required.
  3. What other products have been evaluated, rejected, and why (Attach market survey: list of vendors contacted including their names, addresses and phone numbers and price quotes, a minimum of three vendors must be contacted; reference: Government Code 14781, 14807 and PCC 10301.)

If the justification submitted is not sufficient, the requisition will be returned to the ordering department requesting additional information. Submission of this justification form does not indicate automatic approval. It is not approved until all appropriate signatures are obtained.

Should the campus Purchasing Department and the ordering department fail to agree that the non-competitive purchase request is justified, a meeting will be held between the Procurement and Support Services Offices, and Department Head/Division Manager or the Dean. Should the matter still be unresolved, the final decision will be made by the Associate Vice President for Financial Management.

You should be aware that in the event of a protest, the individuals signing the certification on the justification form may be required to provide further proof of the validity of the justification and, if necessary, appear personally at the State Board of Control hearing.

If the State should determine that California State University, Long Beach, has not adhered to appropriate State policies, all purchasing authority delegated to the campus could be revoked and appropriate disciplinary action taken.


Item is available from only one vendor. Item is one-of-a-kind and is not sold through distributors. Manufacturer is sole distributor.
Various vendors can supply the specified model and brand and competitive bids will be solicited for the request brand only.