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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

BMC CONTROL-M / Production Control Procedures

BMC Control-M Job Naming Standards

The format of the naming standards described below MUST be adhered to in order for Long Beach to view and access certain data. Control-M names, Scheduling tables, Calendar names and job prerequisite names must follow this naming convention.

Campus Identifier


Due to security, the Campus Identifier is a mandatory field.

Important Note

The campus identifier is a mandatory field. Long Beach must use ‘LB’ as its campus identifier and provide UNISYS with this information. Any application starting with Lb_, lb_, or lB_ would not be able to be viewed by Long Beach.


Owner  Application  Connection Profile  Functional Module 
BMCAA  LB_AcadAdvising  hlbprdaa  Academic Advising 
BMCAD LB_Admissions hlbprdad Admissions
BMCCC LB_CampusCom hlbprdcc Campus Community
BMCFA LB_FinancialAid hlbprdfa Financial Aid
BMCFA2 LB_FinancialAid hlbprdfa2 Financial Aid 2
BMCSA LB_StuAdmin hlbprdsa Student Administration
BMCSF LB_StuFinancials hlbprdsf Student Financials
BMCSR LB_StuRecords hlbprdsr Student Records
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Scheduling Table

The scheduling table must start with the Campus Identifier and Separator due to security.


  • Usage: Mandatory
  • Length: 1-20 characters
  • Blanks: Trailing only
Field Example
Campus Identifier LB
Separator (underscore) _
Environment – ‘P’ for Production, ‘T’ for test T
Separator (underscore) _

Run frequency of table:

  • ‘0’ … for Sunday
  • ‘1’ … for Monday
  • ‘2’ … for Tuesday
  • ‘3’ … for Wednesday
  • ‘4’ … for Thursday
  • ‘5’ … for Friday
  • ‘6’ … for Saturday
  • ‘7’ … for 7 days/week
  • ‘d’ … for daily (Monday thru Friday)
  • ‘s’ … for special

Name of BMC module that submitted job:

  • ‘AA’ … for Academic Advising
  • ‘AD’ … for Admissions
  • ‘CC’ … for Campus Community
  • ‘FA’ … for Financial Aid
  • ‘FA2’ … for Financial Aid user ID BMCFA2
  • ‘SA’ … for Student Administration
  • ‘SF’ … for Student Financials
  • ‘SR’ … for Student Records
Process description (brief) FinAidEvenYr

Example of a CSULB scheduling table: LB_P_dSRLoadSOC

Long Beach campus identifier (required)
Production environment
daily table (jobs under this table will execute Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu & Fri)
Student Records
SOC Load schedule of classes
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Provide the name of the group to which the job belongs. The group parameter is used for convenient and orderly management of groups of production jobs.


The calendar must start with the Campus Identifier and Separator due to security.


  • Length: 1-10 characters
  • Blanks: Trailing only
Field Example
Campus Identifier LB
Separator (underscore) _
Defined Name WORKDAY

The following Control-M calendars have been defined for California State University, Long Beach:

Calendar Control-M Type
LB_365DAYS CTMLB Relative/Regular
CSULB Master Calendar
LB_WORKDAY CTMLB Relative/Regular
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Confirmation calendar for HOLIDAY (Campus Closed)
LB_MAINT CTMLB Relative/Regular
UNISYS Monthly Maintenance Calendar
LB_GLCONF CTMLB Relative/Regular
Student Financials G/L Interface Confirmation Calendar
LB_FAREG CTMLB Relative/Regular
Financial Aid Regular Schedule Calendar
LB_FAEOM CTMLB Relative/Regular
Financial Aid End Of Month Calendar
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Job Name

The Job Name must start with the Campus Identifier. All jobnames must be unique.


Descriptive reference for a Job Processing definition.

Process Name SFPBCALC
Complete Job Name LBsfpbcalc
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Mem Name


Use the same naming convention as Job Name.

Prerequisite Conditions


A prerequisite condition is a user-defined, descriptive name given to a certain situation, or condition. Submission of a job for execution can be made dependent upon the existence of one or more prerequisite conditions (created either manually by the user or by other jobs).

By using the campus identifier “LB”, prerequisite conditions can be added or deleted either manually via the Enterprise Controlstation GUI, or by an application program using a supplied Control-M utility.


Format (local conditions):
Field Example
Job Name LBsfpbcalc
Separator (dash) -
Condition Status ENDED-OK or ENDED-NOTOK

Sample print screen of CSULB prerequisite conditions using the Enterprise Controlstation GUI:

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