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Long Term Disability


An employer-paid long term disability (LTD) plan designed to guarantee a level of income if an eligible employee is unable to work due to disability which extends beyond 180 days.
The plan provider is Standard Insurance Company (Group Policy Number 603267).

Monthly Premium

Currently, the full monthly premium is paid by the CSU. However, premium costs are subject to change.


Faculty (Unit 3), management and supervisory employees (MPP), Student Services Professionals (Unit 4) and Physicians (Unit 1) appointed half-time or more in an appointment that exceeds six (6) months (academic year for faculty, Unit 3).

Employees are eligible if appointed half-time or more for a period of more than six (6) months.

Lecturers and Coaches appointed for a minimum of one semester or two consecutive quarters at .4 timebase or greater are eligible for benefits. Coaches and Lecturers (Non-academic calendar year) are eligible for benefits if appointed half-time or more for a period of more than six (6) months.

Employees appointed on an hourly, intermittent basis do not qualify for benefits.


All eligible employees will be automatically enrolled.

Effective Dates

Coverage will be retroactive to the date of appointment. However, if absent from work due to sickness or injury on the date insurance would otherwise become effective, coverage will begin the day after completing one full day of active work.


The plan provides 66-2/3 income replacement, up to a maximum benefit of $10,000 per month (based on $15,000/month earnings). The LTD benefit is coordinated with all eligible income from other CSU, state and federal sources to provide the 66-2/3 benefit level. Examples of the most common deductible income from other sources include disability benefits such as Workers' Compensation or Social Security and income from work while disabled.

Commencement of Benefits

Benefits are payable after an initial waiting period of 180 days of continuous disability. If sick leave has not been exhausted by that time, a minimal benefit of $100.00 per month will be provided until sick leave is exhausted, at which time eligibility for the 66-2/3 benefit will commence. The first LTD benefit is payable one month after the end of the waiting period and monthly checks will be provided while disabled.

Duration of Benefits

While disabled, benefits are paid until age 65. If disability begins at age 62 or older, benefits may be paid beyond age 65 according to a graded schedule specified in the insurance certificate. In the case of disability due to a mental disorder, however, payment of LTD benefits is limited to 24 months.

Definition of Disability

For the first 24 months, to qualify for benefits the employee must be disabled from performing the material duties of his/her occupation. After 24 months, benefits are payable if the employee is disabled from performing the material duties of any occupation for which he/she is reasonably fitted by education, training and experience among other factors. An income protection guarantee is also included which allows payment of benefits for partial disability if an employee is unable to earn more than 80% of pre-disability income.

Filing a Claim

Obtain a claim statement from Benefits Services (Brotman Hall-353) or by contacting Standard Insurance at (800) 524-0450. The Employee must submit the completed claim statement signed by the employee, the employer and the treating physician to Standard Insurance with written authorization to obtain necessary records and information determining eligibility, and documentation of income from other sources. Standard Insurance has the right to conduct an investigation of the claim and/or to have the employee examined at the insurance company's expense. After a claim determination is made, the employee has the right to have any denial of all or part of the claim reviewed by Standard Insurance.

Direct Pay

There is no direct payment of premiums for this plan.