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Administrative Leave

The following guidelines are provided for the administration of leave and issuance of pay warrants during emergencies:

Administrative Leave when Campus is closed

Administrative Leave (approved leave with pay) shall be granted to all employees who are scheduled to work but are denied access to the campus during the period of closure.

Employees on scheduled vacation, CTO or sick leave on any day of closure shall be charged vacation, CTO or sick leave as appropriate.

Employees who have been absent on any day of closure because they were in non-pay status (i.e., disciplinary suspension, leave without pay) shall not be granted administrative leave.

Essential personnel required to work their regular work schedule during periods of campus closure will receive their regular pay rate for hours worked and will receive compensation as specified in the appropriate Memorandum of Understanding for hours worked above the regularly scheduled work hours.

Leave if Campus is Open

An employee who could not report to work in the period following an emergency because of any peril to human life and/or property (i.e., picking up a minor child following a school closure, damage to home) shall be granted a reasonable period of administrative leave.

Employees who elect not to work in the period(s) following the emergency for reasons related to health or safety concerns or personal necessity not involving an immediate peril to human life and/or property may use accrued vacation, CTO or sick leave where appropriate.

Issuance of Pay Warrants

In the event that a payday falls within a period during which the campus is closed, pay warrants will not be issued. Pay warrants will be issued on the first day that the campus reopens. Alternate arrangements for the distribution of pay warrants may be made as deemed necessary by the emergency situation and duration of campus closure.