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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

MPP Compensation Objectives

The Management Personnel Plan (MPP) provides the President or his designee with the flexibility to determine appropriate salaries paid to MPP employees and appropriate merit adjustments.

The main goal of MPP compensation is to maintain a framework for a consistent and equitable salary system for CSULB MPP positions, which is accomplished by considering the following:

  1. Nature of the work performed
  2. Relationship of the position to other positions in the university and within the CSU system
  3. The education and the amount of relative experience of the incumbent
  4. Appropriate benchmarks from external survey sources
  5. Internal equity and salary compression concerns

Consistency in applying the factors for the MPP Compensation program allow for:

  1. Salary placement for new hires and promotions.
  2. ‘Value’ of a given management position using market survey data.
  3. Criteria to justify equity salary increases when appropriate.

Administrative Guidelines