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Position Classification

Classification is a process by which jobs of a common nature with similar duties and responsibilities are grouped together for the purposes of assignment to an appropriate pay range.The position description is the foundation of the classification process because it is the primary tool used to accurately define and describe the current duties and responsibilities of a position.Once a position is has been classified we can determine the following:

  • Placement into the appropriate job family and collective bargaining unit.
  • Proper compensation and minimum qualification standards.
  • Performance appraisal factors and expectations.
  • Career ladders and promotional lines when applicable.
  • Translation of broad organizational plans into the assignment of duties and responsibilities to individual positions.

Classification is based upon the objective elements of a position which include such elements as the nature, scope, and level of duties and responsibilities; the relationship of the position to other positions in the department, campus or CSU system; supervision given/received; and exercise of independent judgment.

Since position classification focuses on the specific duties and responsibilities of each position, the quality of performance, the quantity of work, the status of an employee, or information relative to the employee’s length of service or current salary are not considered in the classification process.

Staff Human Resources is responsible for overseeing the various classification review processes which include:

  • Cycle Review: Process in which each staff position is reviewed once every three years.
  • Individual or Management Requested Reviews:This is a request that is submitted outside of the three- year cycle review by the employee or the appropriate administrator if there has been a significant change in job duties or a re-organization. The position must not been reviewed within the last twelve months.
  • New or Revised CSU Classification and Qualification Standards:This type of review is mandated by the Chancellor’s Office whenever there is a modification of the existing Classification and Qualification review.
  • Initiation of Recruitment Action:Vacant positions are classified before a department can begin the recruitment process.