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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Staff Human Resources Contacts

Human Resources Management

Administrative Function Contact Phone Email
Associate Vice President Scott Apel (562) 985-8716
Staff HR Analyst - AVP Support, Worker's Compensation Support, Fee Waiver, Recognition Programs, Permanent Status Letters and Staff Emeriti Program Berta Hanson (562) 985-8716

Staff Human Resources

Administrative Function Contact Phone Email
Director, Staff Human Resources Nancy Torres (562) 985-2299

Leave Of Absences Administration and Non-Recruitment Appointments

Administrative Function Contact Phone Email
Staff HR Analyst - Leave of Absence Administration, Leave of Absences Counseling, PTF Processing for Non-Recruitment Activity, Generate Non-Recruitment Related Appointment Letters, Staff Appointment End Date Report and Subpoenas. Roxanna Roa (562) 985-8259
Staff HR Coordinator - Front Office Reception, Telephone Inquiries Leave of Absences Support, and Applicant Processing. ASM and Appointment Letter Signature List. Stephanie Juanillo (562) 985-4031

Staff Employee Relations, Training and Recognition Programs

Administrative Function Contact Phone Email
Associate Director, Employee Relations and Training Neil Iacono (562) 985-7161
Employee Relations Specialist - Contract Interpretations Units 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Release Time Requests, Investigations, Performance Evaluations, Performance Coaching and Consultation. Orathai Zavaleta (562) 985-8231
Training Manager - Professional and Organizational Development, Design, Assessment, Analysis, and Staff Recognition Programs. Stacey Schack (562) 985-1052

Classification/ Compensation and Employment Services

Administrative Function Contact Phone Email
Associate Director, Classification/Compensation/Employment Karen Kerr (562) 985-5640

Classification / Compensation

Administrative Function Contact Phone Email
Manager, Classifications and Compensation Programs and Administrative Services Manager - ASM Responsibilities, Classification Review Management 3 Year Cycle Review Administration, Salary Administrative In Range Progression, Unit 4 Bonus Program, Stipends, Salary Surveys, Implementation of New Classification Standards, Staff Reassignments, Department's Reorganization and MPP Compensation. Gina Caywood (562) 985-8326
Classification/Compensation Analyst - Classification Reviews and Appeals, Classification Reviews for Recruitment, External Salary Surveys, Classification & Compensation Programs Support & Communications. Kristin Pierce (562) 985-8342
Classification/Compensation Specialist - Classification/Compensation Support and Communications, Classification Review for Recruitment, Salary Surveys, Stipend/Bonus Processing, Classification Reviews, Reassignment Processing, 3 Year Cycle Review Coordination. Liesl Fletes (562) 985-1795

Employment Services

Administrative Function Contact Phone Email
Employment Specialist - Staff and Management Staffing, Recruitment Consultation, Training and Support, Candidate Sourcing, Job Announcements, Advertising Resources, Applicant Screening, Live Scan, Search Firms Consultations and Salary Offer Consultations Kristin Jaeger (562) 985-5780
Staff HR Coordinator - Office Coordinator, Recruitment Support, Appointment Letters, Telephone Inquiries, Recruitment Advertising, Applicant and Recruitment Reports, NEO & NEST Scheduling, License/Certificate Reports, ASM and Appointment Letter Signature List. Amanda Allen (562) 985-8255