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Staff Human Resources
Selection Process

Conducting the Interview and the Candidate Experience

Remember that this process is a two-way street. While you are evaluating the candidate, the candidate is also evaluating the organization and the opportunity. Provide information to the candidate regarding the position. Make sure that the interviewing experience is positive. Make sure you manage the impression that your staff and colleagues convey during campus visits and open forums. There is little value in "grilling" candidates. Word of mouth is powerful. If the candidate has a negative experience, whether or not s/he receives an offer, s/he will tell others.

Try not to "drag out" the process. This creates a negative experience for your candidates. If you are not ready to hire, we recommend not posting your position or bringing in candidates for interviews.

All applications are acknowledged by Staff Human Resources via email. Once we screen for minimum qualifications, we immediately inform applicants who are not forwarded to you. As you "reject" applicants, an email will be sent to them informing them that they are not finalists. In addition, after we receive the Job Offer, Staff Human Resources will inform candidates who were interviewed that they were not selected.