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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Staff and Management Hiring Process

These are basic steps to the CSULB hiring process.

  1. Before you begin the recruitment process, make sure you have an accurate and current position description. If the description changes significantly, discuss it with you ASM, and seek the advice of the Staff HR Classification Manager to see if the changes warrant a reclassification. If you are creating a new job, after discussing it with your ASM, send the position description to the Classification Manager who will return it to you with the appropriate classification.
  2. Complete an on-line Request for Recruitment (RFR) form found here: Single Sign On > Employee Center > eRecruit Homepage > Start New Recruitment Request. Attach the following documents:
    1. Position Description.
    2. Request for Recruitment Authorization.
    3. Organizational chart.
    4. Interview questions.
    5. Copies of any skill testing that you may be using.
    6. If you are requesting supplemental advertising, please indicate on Advertising tab of the online request. You will need to include the advertising source (Chronicle, industry-specific organizations) and direct expense information.
  3. Under Other Information, please review the Interview Process, and make any necessary changes to reflect your recruitment process. In addition, list your hiring criteria on this page. Give careful thought to these criteria as you will be rating your interviewees against them.
  4. When you have completed the RFR and added the attachments, the Request will be forwarded to your ASM, who will forward it to Staff Human Resources. If the RFR and the added attachments are complete, your recruiter will create the website job posting and forward it to you and your ASM for approval. Once the posting is approved, the position will "open" for applications. Positions are opened and closed daily.
  5. Jobs are left open for a minimum of two weeks. If you would like the initial "open" period to be longer, please indicate it on the RFR.All applications must be submitted to Staff HR. Your recruiter will notify your ASM when your position is about to close. You can choose to extend the opening based on the quality of the applicant pool.
  6. After a job closes, the recruiter will screen the applications for the minimum qualifications for education and experience. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be electronically forwarded to you, your ASM, and your Search Committee Chair (if a separate individual).
  7. To review the applications, follow the link in the email to log into the Manage Recruitments page. To create a .pdf version of the applications, click select all, choose View Applications, and click Go.
  8. Carefully review the applications based on the selection criteria. You or your search committee chair should reject applicants who do not meet the selection criteria. At this point, schedule selected applicants for interviews. Be sure to set up your interview schedule in eRecruit so that you can fill out the Interview Rating Sheet.
  9. When interviewing, use the same questions, committee members, and routine for each applicant.
  10. Once you have completed the interviews, each member of the hiring committee must complete the Interview Rating Sheet. You can also indicate if a candidate withdrew from the pool or declined your job offer.
  11. Check the references of your final candidate.
  12. To determine an appropriate salary, consult with your ASM and your recruiter. No commitments can be made without Staff Human Resource's approval of the starting salary and start date.
  13. Once your salary offer has been approved, you may make a verbal offer to your candidate. (Note: If the starting salary is outside of the first quartile of the salary range, please refer to the "Compensation-Appointment" Administrative Guidelines.)
  14. Go to Prepare Job Offer in the Applicant List, and enter the start date, base salary, and any comments you want the recruiter to review. Also indicate who completed a reference check, and with whom (company and person). After you submit the offer, it will be forwarded to your ASM, who will review it and forward it to Staff Human Resources.
  15. After receiving your Job Offer, the recruiter will review it for completeness, and reject the other candidates that were interviewed.
  16. Staff Human Resources will generate an appointment letter, and your ASM will be notified when the letter is ready. The appointing authority, such as the Dean or Vice President, signs the letter and the ASM or department mails the letter to the candidate. Return a signed copy of the letter to Staff Human Resources.
  17. On the new employee's first day of work, s/he must go to Payroll to complete the hiring paperwork.

A comprehensive description of the process is outlined in the Process Guides and Administrative Guidelines listed below.