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Temporary Employment Services

When departments within your division or unit require the services of temporary help agency employees, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Staff Human Resources will place orders for temporary help agency employees upon a department's request. The requesting department should provide information on starting and ending date, a short description of the duties, computer and software requirements (if any), employee's approximate pay rate, and any other pertinent information.
  2. Staff Human Resources will place orders according to the departments information, then will give the department the agency employee's name, starting date, and final agency rate. The requesting department will prepare the Department Requisition form.
  3. The agency assumes all responsibility for the employment administration of the temporary help personnel, including workers' compensation and bonding. If for any reason the department is dissatisfied with an agency employee's service, contact Staff Human Resources who will contact the agency to replace the employee.


If the department hires a temporary agency employee as a CSULB staff employee, there will be a conversion charge from the agency. The charge will be different depending on the agency, but it usually is a substantial amount. (Example, one agency's conversion fee is 20 - 25% of an individual employee's first years salary.)