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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Academic Professionals of California Merit Bonus Pay

Fiscal Year 2008-09

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Eligibility and Requirements

  • All Unit 4 employees of the University are eligible to be considered for a 2008-09 merit bonus.
  • The award shall be in the form of a one-time bonus; the award amount shall be expressed as a percentage of gross pay for the period of time of performance for which the bonus is awarded.  The form provided will assist in computing this requirement.  Such bonuses are not considered part of, or added to, any employee’s base salary.
  • The general fund Merit Bonus Program pool for each division as shown on the attached must be fully expended by June 30, 2009.  A division may award a total amount in excess of their allocation pool but at their own expense and subject to the prior review of Staff Human Resources.  
  • The amount of the Merit Bonus Program pool for non-General Fund employees shall be the same percentage amount of their salaries and related benefit costs as is the case for General Fund employees, also shown on the attached.  Employees funded by non-general fund must also expend the entire pool amount and may exceed the required expenditure level subject to the prior review of Staff Human Resources.  
  • All awards shall be made in accordance with the award criteria.  No award shall be less than $250 or exceed $1,000 per employee, considering all multiple appointments in unit 4.

Criteria for Award

  • Employees must have an Employee Planning and Performance Appraisal for the 2007-08 evaluation period on file, in their official personnel file in Staff Human Resources.

Unit 4 merit bonus awards are to be awarded in recognition of the following criteria:

  • Above average performance in general (2007-08 Performance Evaluation),
  • Recognition of one-time or special project performance,
  • For members of a team in recognition of their performance as a team based on the following campus criteria:
    1. Team met or exceeded its previously established goals or a CSULB strategic goal(s).
    2. Significant group effort that resulted in substantial, measurable improvement(s) to a required business process or service for the campus/student benefit.
  • Above average performance on a project,
  • Other significant contributions to the campus and/or CSU.

Nomination/Recommendation/Approval Process


  • Supervisor/administrator will nominate employees in accordance with the prescribed criteria and provide appropriate narrative to support the bonus award.
  • All nominations must be submitted on the campus prescribed form. A copy is attached to this document. However, the form is most effectively completed online using Excel.


  • The head of an organizational unit will consider all nominations and make his/her recommendations to the Division Vice-President.
  • The University has defined the head of an organizational unit as a direct report to a Vice-President, e.g. dean of a college, associate vice-president.

Final Determination / Approval

  • The President has designated each Vice-President (division executive) as being the final authority on Merit Bonus pay awards.
  • The Vice-President will review award requests and determine the most equitable way to distribute the allocation pool amount based on relative merit and whether to supplement the CSU funded pool with division resources.


  • Each Vice-President is responsible for submitting the completed forms and all supporting documentation to the Office of Staff Human Resources. These forms will be placed in the employee’s official personnel file.
  • The Office of Staff Human Resources will prepare all correspondence to the employees receiving merit bonus pay awards.
  • All employees nominated for a performance pay award will also receive written notification of the final decision.


February 23, 2009: Nominations from supervisors/administrators for 07/08 merit bonus pay must be received by the appropriate head of an organizational unit. (The University has defined the head of an organizational unit as a direct report to a Vice-President, e.g. dean of a college, associate vice-president).

March 23, 2009: The head of an organizational unit must forward all recommendations, including amounts, to the appropriate Vice-President.

April 30, 2009: The appropriate Vice-President submits their final decisions on 2007-08 merit bonus pay awards to the Office of Staff Human Resources.

May 15, 2008: All unit 4 employees nominated and recommended for a merit bonus pay award will be notified in writing of the final decisions.

Nothing precludes a division from completing the process in a more accelerated timeframe.


The decision of the President, the President’s designee, or other appropriate administrator as to who is to receive a Merit Bonus Program award and/or the amount of an award shall not be subject to Article 10, Grievance Procedure. However, APC may grieve an alleged violation of a specific term of this provision 23.8 subject to provision 10.5.G.4.of the Unit 4 contract.

Budget Allocation

The Office of Budget Management will allocate the pool amounts after confirmation by Staff Human Resources that a division has completed its process.