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Employee Planning and Performance Review Road Map

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The following list delineates how the previous criteria have been combined on the revised form. Please report feedback in the appropriate sections.

Previous Employee Planning & Performance Criteria Revised Employee Planning & Performance Criteria
Effective 5/1/07
  • Job Skills – Consider the ability needed to perform the major responsibilities of this job as noted in the position description.
  • Amount of Work Accomplished – Consider the amount of work performed as it relates to achieving the tasks and goals of this position.

Amount of Work Accomplished

  • Quality of Work – Consider accuracy, organization, effectiveness, and completeness of the employee’s work. Degree to which the employee follows through on assignments and completes them on time. Consider how the work compares to quality performance standards and goals for the employee’s position. Also consider the amount of supervisory review required to assure work quality.

Quality of Work

  • Initiative – Consider willingness to take independent action in making improvements to work methods, identifying and correcting errors, initiating work activities, and willingness to seek ways to improve individual and departmental job performance.
  • Problem Solving – Consider willingness to recognize and independently diagnose problems, accurately develop appropriate alternatives, and implement practical and effective solutions in a timely manner.
  • Meeting Changing Demands of the Work Environment – Consider willingness to adapt to changing conditions in the work environment including willingness to utilize new procedures, to adapt to new technology, and to assist in implementing change-related activities.

Initiative & Problem Solving

  • Interpersonal Relationships – Consider willingness to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with co-workers and other members of the University; if appropriate, include external agencies and the general public. Consider sensitivity to and awareness of differences in people of diverse backgrounds.

Working Relationships

  • Verbal Communication Skills – Consider the ability to provide clear, concise, and effective verbal communication, and consistently listen and check for understanding when communicating with all people.
  • Writing Skills – Consider ability to express information in writing at a level that is appropriate to the audience. Assess the degree to which written work is organized, clear, accurate, and concise.
  • Presentation Skills – Consider the ability to communicate verbally and to make effective oral presentations.
  • Customer Contact Skills – Consider willingness to provide consistent high quality service using tact, courtesy, self-control, patience, and discretion during interactions with all customers (students, faculty, staff, the public, and/or outside agencies). Also consider the type of feedback that this employee receives from customers.

Communication Skills

  • Supervisory/Lead Responsibilities – Consider ability to plan, organize, delegate, and follow up on work-flow to meet unit’s goals and objectives. Provides clear expectations and constructive feedback to subordinates on a consistent basis. Consistently treats subordinates fairly.

Supervisory/Lead Responsibilities