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Insights Discovery® Workshop

Discovery Insights

Build a collaborative and powerful team while improving professional and personal communication.

The Insights® Discovery Workshop is designed to identify basic differences in each member of your team, particularly in the way they view their environment and make decisions.

When people understand themselves, they learn how to maximize their strengths, and find ways to connect and partner with people who have differing perspectives and work habits.

Understanding communication styles helps develop a greater understanding for diverse approaches.

Insights® Discovery Personal Profile

The Personal Profile can help you and your employees achieve an “aha!” moment of self-understanding.

Based on a 25-question online survey, everyone will get their own 22-page profile which will show how their behavioral preferences may influence their personal style in the workplace. This Personal Profile is unique to each person, and will contain information about their personal style, key strengths & weaknesses, value they bring to their team, and tips on effective communication. It assists with self-understanding, personal effectiveness, helps individuals focus on the challenges they face at work – especially helping each person learn how others tick and how they can work more effectively together.

An Insights® Discovery Personal Profile is ideal if you want to:

  • help your people understand their working style and how it impacts others
  • develop their interpersonal skills and improve communication
  • help them more effectively adapt and connect with each other
  • improve team performance
  • create a more positive, productive environment

The Insights® Discovery Workshop is fun and interactive and is most effective when the entire team is present.
Insights® Discovery workshops are facilitated by certified Insights® client practitioners from Staff Human Resources.

Keeping Insights® Alive

The introduction Insights Discovery workshop is only the first step. Teams will select an Insights Champion who will help keep Insights alive in their team through discussion, activities and exercises. They will have access to additional “Keeping it Alive” tools to help them utilize the Insights model to improve team dynamics and more effectively communicate and connect with one another.

Deeper Dive into Insights®

Teams who have been using the Insights® model and are ready to take a deeper dive can request follow up sessions with our facilitators on topics such as communication, change management, conflict resolution, and team building.

Sounds Great! How Do We Get Started?

Email to request a workshop for your team.

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