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Skillsoft Training Spotlight

May Skillsoft Spotlight: Team Building

Feeling forgetful? This month, check out Improving Your Memory, located within the Personal Development Curriculum. You'll learn about basic memory principles and learn how to apply them to memorize and recall almost anything, including speeches you may need to deliver, passwords, faces, and lists.

Interested in a book instead? Master Your Memory: From America's Top Expert on Study Skills documents proven strategies for any memory-based task, providing memory retention techniques for students, professionals, or anyone struggling with a specific challenge.

A professional development plan can be created in conjunction with your ASM and appropriate administrator, which can be completed electronically through this program. Appropriate administrator approval must be obtained in advance to complete coursework during work hours.

Questions? Contact, ext. 5-1052.

Weekly Skillsoft Maintenance

Skillsoft performs weekly maintenance on our site which will cause timeout errors and the inability to login to take training. Please be aware of the inaccessibility of Skillsoft during these times:

Maintenance Hours:

  • Sunday: 10 p.m. - 1 p.m. PST
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