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Skillsoft Training Spotlight

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January Skillsoft Spotlight: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

A New Year, A New You: check out these resources to improve your emotional intelligence as a leader.

Leadership Essentials: Leading with Emotional Intelligence is a one hour course for any person who wants to refresh or improve their leadership skills – whether they are individuals, supervisors, managers, or directors.

Objectives Include:

  • recognize why emotional intelligence is important in the workplace
  • match emotional intelligence competencies to their associated domains
  • recognize which perception competencies need improvement and recommend techniques for cultivating them, in a given scenario
  • choose actions that demonstrate emotional intelligence in controlling emotions

Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Tab:

  • Job Aids
    • EQ Domains
    • Controlling Emotions and Facilitating
  • Skill Briefs
    • Introducing Emotional Intelligence
    • Improving Perception Competencies
    • Using Self-management and Social Skills

The EQ Leader: Instilling Passion, Creating Shared Goals, and Building Meaningful Organizations Through Emotional Intelligence, by psychologist Steven J. Stein, provides an evidence-based model for exceptional leadership, and a four-pillar roadmap for real-world practice. Data collected from thousands of leaders—and their subordinates—reveals the keys to success: authenticity, coaching, insight, and innovation. By incorporating these methods into their everyday workflow, these leaders have propelled their teams to heights great enough to highlight the divide between successful and not-so-successful leadership. This book shows you how to put these key factors to work in your own practice, with clear examples and concrete steps for improving skills and competencies.

Note: A professional development plan can be created in conjunction with your ASM and appropriate administrator, which can be completed electronically through this program. Appropriate administrator approval must be obtained in advance to complete coursework during work hours.

Questions? Contact, x 5-1052.

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