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Skillsoft Training Spotlight

May Skillsoft Spotlight: Business Writing and Grammar Tips

"I never made a mistake in grammar but one in my life and as soon as I done it I seen it." -- Carl Sandburg

Need assistance with business writing? Wondering which word works? Check out these resources on Skillsoft.

Troublesome Words and Phrases: Common Usage Mistakes in Writing is a 29-minute course for anyone who wants to refresh or refine their basic business grammar skills for any kind of business writing, from e-mail and memos to reports and presentations. You’ll identify the correct use of words from similar sounding word pairs, recognize the correct way to use words with similar but not identical meanings, recognize the correct usage of commonly misused verbs, identify the correct way to use commonly misused terms, recognize the appropriate preposition to use in given examples, and identify the correct way to use words in given examples.

Essential Grammar: A Write It Well Guide will help you master skills such as:
  • writing grammatically correct sentences
  • using the right forms of pronouns and verbs
  • distinguishing between commonly confused words
  • knowing when and where to use punctuation marks

Another good resource is: Business Grammar, Style & Usage: A Desk Reference for Articulate & Polished Business Writing & Speaking. This book focuses on topics such as often misused punctuation and spelling, misused terms, developing a writing style, and top 10 rules for writing and speaking in an articulate manner. The book also covers the proper ways to write a cover letter, memo, speech, executive summary, article/report, and even the do's and don'ts of email.

Note: A professional development plan can be created in conjunction with your ASM and appropriate administrator, which can be completed electronically through this program. Appropriate administrator approval must be obtained in advance to complete coursework during work hours.

Questions? Contact, x 5-1052.

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