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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Volunteer Assignments

Volunteers perform a variety of services on a volunteer basis in support of University programs and activities with no promise, expectation, or receipt of compensation for services rendered from the university, auxiliaries, or third party vendors. In turn, these volunteers gain valuable experience and a sense of personal satisfaction from performing these services. Volunteers are not employees of the CSU (this includes current CSU employees when they are performing volunteer duties) and are not eligible for any compensation for services, sick leave, vacation accrual, retirement, and/or insurance benefits for their volunteer service hours.

The use of volunteers is at the discretion of the department for which the volunteer is providing services. Volunteer services may end with or without prior notice at any time the department determines the services are no longer needed. No length of volunteer services for a department or the CSU shall create any entitlement, right or privilege on the part of any individual to continue performing volunteer services for the CSU. Volunteers may also choose to discontinue providing their services at any time.

  1. General Information

    A Volunteer Identification Form must be completed by each volunteer. Volunteers must provide Driver’s License information and date of birth if they will drive a vehicle on state business and a Social Security Number if they will be reimbursed for travel expenses. Volunteers must provide, at a minimum, the following information:

    • Name, address, contact phone number
    • Emergency contact information
    • Age, if the volunteer is a minor
    • Additional information, such as Social Security Number, may be needed

    Completed Volunteer Identification Forms are to be retained in the college or administrative unit. A copy of the Volunteer Identification Form shall be forwarded to the appropriate division executive. Keys or equipment provided to volunteers during their service must be returned at the end of their service. Library books must also be returned. Volunteer Identification Forms and related documents may be destroyed three years following the end of volunteer service. The minimum age for a CSULB volunteer is 16. Any volunteer under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent or guardian prior to performing any volunteer services for the CSU. Volunteer service performed by minors shall conform to state regulations as follow:

    Maximum Number of Volunteer Hours for Minors

    • Non-School Days: 8/day; 48/week
    • School Days: 4/day; 28/week

    Volunteer service of minors may only be performed between 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. (12:30 a.m. when there is no school scheduled for the following day.) Other restrictions may be necessary for individuals who are minors, dependent upon campus policies and state/local regulations.

    Volunteers who engage in lobbying activities on behalf of the CSU are exempt from the reporting requirements of the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995; however they may receive no financial or other compensation for their services. CSULB employees who engage in lobbying activities on behalf of the CSU in a volunteer capacity are not exempt from the reporting requirements of the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995. Individuals who volunteer as MD’s or in other professional activities in the allied health field will be required to demonstrate proof of current malpractice insurance. Such insurance shall be primary coverage for the volunteer.

  2. CSULB Employees As Volunteers

    A CSULB employee may not volunteer to take on additional duties related to their primary job for which he/she could be paid. This is defined as any duty or responsibility that is closely related to the duties performed by or responsibilities assigned to the compensated employee. Because volunteer assignments are separate from CSU employment, such assignments shall not affect the employee’s regular benefits, including, but not limited to, service credit, paid time off, insurance benefits or overtime calculations.

  3. Conditions

    Volunteers must have the necessary training, equipment, and/or supervision to safely carry out the volunteer services. All volunteers must be supervised by campus staff or faculty as appropriate to the services performed. If needed, volunteers must meet any necessary licensing or certificate requirements.

    Volunteers who drive vehicles on official state business, must do so in accordance with university policies and procedures. Under California Government Code Section 3118, volunteers must comply with all rules and regulations applicable to the CSU.

    Personal identification, fingerprinting, and/or background checks will be required as deemed appropriate by the campus president. Background checks are required for all volunteers who perform work that involves direct contact with minor children. They may also be required for volunteers placed into “sensitive positions” that have potential for harm to children, adults, animals, property or heightened risk of financial loss.

  4. Miscellaneous Information

    1. The Volunteer Assignment Form must be filled out and approved by the appropriate administrator (level 4). If the volunteer is a minor, the parent or guardian must sign the Volunteer Release Form For Minors.
    2. ASM / Appropriate Administrator (level 4) must email HR Support Services (HRSS) the appropriate form with all requested information completed. This will enable the volunteer to be entered into PeopleSoft and to generate a Volunteer (Employee) ID number. The volunteer must have a valid Volunteer (Employee) ID in order to obtain services such as email, parking, and keys.
  5. Access to University Resources

    Departments may provide provisional services such as email and keys to CSU volunteers for the purpose of their volunteer assignment. Access to these services must be terminated at the time of completion of volunteer service. CSU volunteers may not be granted access to or authority over CSU financial accounts or funds, and may not be granted access to confidential information, unless specifically authorized. If departments choose to issue items to a volunteer, they are responsible for collecting all resources at the end of the volunteer assignment.

    I.D. Card
    An ID card may be obtained by completing a CSULB VOLUNTEER ID CARD Application and Agreement Form. The volunteer must have a Volunteer (Empl) ID before obtaining an ID card. The picture ID Card will provide the volunteer with the ability to access university services, through the established university process. The cost for the card must be paid by either the volunteer or the department.
    If it is necessary to provide volunteers with university keys, the authorized official must complete a Key Issue Card. The volunteer may obtain the authorized key(s) by presenting the completed Key Issue Card and a CSULB Picture ID Card to Facilities Management. Under no circumstances should volunteers be given master keys.
    Vitae or SC-1
    A Vitae or SC-1 is required for academic volunteer assignments, such as field supervisors, researchers, art museum docents, or coaches.
    Email Account
    If the creation of an email account is necessary for the volunteer to perform his/her assignment, accounts are established automatically when the volunteer is issued a Volunteer (Empl) ID. PeopleSoft transmits the volunteer information to Information Technology Services (ITS). Volunteers must set up their BeachID Account in order to access their email.
    Volunteers must visit the Cashier’s Office on the first floor of Brotman Hall with the appropriate paperwork to obtain a parking permit. Permits are issued only on a semester by semester basis, and the rules are subject to change at any time.
    Assignment Letter
    For academic volunteers, the Volunteer Assignment form shall be forwarded to the appropriate Dean/Administrator who shall prepare an assignment letter to the volunteer.