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Personnel Release Time

Faculty/Staff Charged 100% to a Grant

Process Overview

When a faculty/staff employed in the General Fund is scheduled to have 100% of their salary charged back to a grant /project in the Foundation or other outside entity, the employee needs to have a Pool ID attached to their payroll, which will map them directly to a CL499 or GRC99 Fund. The request for Pool ID must contain a program chart field, which defines the billing agency (i.e. R1200 for grants administration, E0113 for accounting society) Employees paid from these funds will be billed back to the defined agency on a monthly basis and the corresponding revenue received will be deposited in the appropriate fund ensuring the net effect on the fund is zero.

Process Details

  1. When a department has faculty/staff that needs to be billed back to another Grant or entity, you need to have an appropriate Pool ID to enable the process.
  2. Department requests Pool ID from HR Technical Support, which includes chartfields (including program) that defines the billing entity.
    Pool ID Form
  3. HR establishes position Pool ID. Positions charged to grants will have a GC9 Pool ID. If the position is to have split charges between multiple funding sources including charges to fund GRC99, the pool will begin with a SP. When 100% of the position charges are billed to GRC99, use GC9, and when a position is billed to fund GRC99 and another source, then use an SP Pool ID.

    If a position is funded by a source other than a Grant, then the reimbursement will be processed through fund CL499 and the corresponding request for Pool ID must map accordingly. The Pool ID coding will depend on which entity is reimbursing the expenses (e.g. FD#= Foundation 06, EX#=External Revenue, AS#=ASI/USU).

  4. General Accounting runs the billing process identifying activity against GRC99 and CL499 codes. General Accounting creates and sends invoices to Auxiliary or 3rd Party with supporting documentation.
  5. Auxiliary or 3rd Party reviews invoice and remits payment to General Accounting. Billing disputes will be coordinated with General Accounting.

Process Flow

Process flow for Faculty/Staff Charged 100% to a Grant
Figure 4: Process Flow summary for Faculty/Staff Charged 100% to a Grant. Details describing the process can be found in the Process Details section above.