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Personnel Release Time

Faculty/Staff Release Time

Process Overview

Each semester requests for faculty/staff released to work on a grant must have their salaries billed back to the grant holder (Foundation or external entities) for reimbursement to the state of these salaries and benefits. The following is necessary for reporting requirements. All replacement personnel hired to backfill faculty/staff released on a grant will be paid from Fund GRC01. Departments need to ensure they request and receive appropriate Pool IDs to reflect these transactions.

Process Details

  1. Thirty days after the semester, requesting party submits request to General Accounting to invoice grant holder for all faculty/staff released during the prior semester. The request for invoice must have the CSULB Grant spreadsheet containing all appropriate detail attached.
  2. General Accounting generates the invoice and submits to the Grant holder (Foundation / External Entity) once supporting documentation is confirmed. The revenue received will be deposited into Fund GRC99 using appropriate grant related department IDs where the first digit after the leading zero defines the NACUBO / GASB Code for the grant and the last three digits reflect the college instructional faculty department or department employing the individual.

    NACUBO / GASB Mapping

    • 01XXX- College dept-Instruction-Grants &Contracts
    • 02XXX- College dept-Research-Grants & Contracts
    • 03XXX- College dept-Public service- Grants & Contracts
    • 04XXX- College dept-Academic Support-Grants & Contracts
    • 05XXX- College dept-Student services-Grants & Contracts
    • 06XXX- College dept-Institutional Support-Grants & Contracts
  3. Foundation or appropriate billing entity processes and sends payment to General Accounting. General Accounting will be the first point of contact for billing resolutions, and may include the requesting department if required. If the resolution requires a change to the invoice, General Accounting will work with Foundation and the Provost Office.
  4. Upon receipt and processing of the payment by General Accounting, a corresponding request to transfer payroll and benefit expenditures from the General Fund into Fund GRC99 with appropriate grant related department IDs will be made. The entry will be uploaded and General Accounting will verify the revenue and expenses in Fund GRC99 net to zero. The supporting documentation for the journal will be the current “yellow” sheet maintained by Foundation Sponsored Programs.
  5. After the journal has been processed, but before General Accounting closes the month, the Budget Office will verify the amount reduced in General Fund benefit budget and will replace with equal amount of budget for startup expenses in each appropriate area, resulting in no net effect to the department budget.

Example: Journal/Prepared by Academic Affairs to move 50% of John Taylor's Faculty Salary and Benefits from General Operating Fund GF001 to Grants and Research Fund GRC99

Fund Account Dept. Program Amount Individual
GF001 601807 00412 (300.00) John Taylor
GF001 603090 00412 (100.00) John Taylor
GF001 101100 400.00
GRC99 601807 02412 300.00
GRC99 603090 02412 100.00
GRC99 101100 (400.00)

Process Flow

Process flow for Faculty/Staff Release Time
Figure 3: Process Flow summary Faculty/Staff Release Time. Details describing the process can be found in the Process Details section above.