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Cost Recovery Processes

Grant Related Faculty Reimbursement (Job Code 2387 & 2388)

Process Overview

When approved, faculty can be paid an augmented salary from endowment earnings or other approved source. The Faculty’s augmented salary and corresponding benefits will be charged against 100% to the campus General Operating Fund (GF001). The General Operating Fund must be reimbursed the augmented portion of the salary from the endowment earnings or other approved source.

Process Details

  1. Annually in May, Budget Office identifies those faculty with job codes 2387 & 2388. The Budget Office prepares drafts of the “Request for Payment / Differential Compensation for Faculty Reimbursements” forms for faculty employed in Grant Related job codes.
  2. The Budget Office completes Salary and Benefit rate information on each form. The benefits include PERS, OASDI, and MEDICARE. The completed forms forwarded to Academic Affairs for review and approval.
  3. The Budget Office requests General Accounting to invoice the Foundation Office and provides copies of supporting documentation.
  4. General Accounting creates manual invoices and sends to the applicable entity with supporting documentation attached. Once the invoice is posted in the A/R Billing module, the salary portion is reimbursed back to Academic Affairs and the Benefits portion is reimbursed back to the University Benefits pool using revenue account 580095.
  5. Payment is remitted to General Accounting by the applicable entity.
  6. General Accounting deposits check at cashiers and clears the receivable.

Process Flow

Process flow for Grant Related Faculty (Job Code 2387 & 2388) Reimbursement
Figure 5: Process Flow summary for Grant Related Faculty (Job Code 2387 and 2388) Reimbursement. Details describing the process can be found in the Process Details section above.