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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Request and Requisitions for Copy Machines

All University requisitions and/or written requests for copy machines are to be sent first to the DCP Office.  These requests need to be submitted on a DCP Copy Machine Request Form. The request will be reviewed and one of the following will be determined:

The Request is Justified

There is sufficient copy volume and/or there is no copier conveniently accessible to meet the departments needs. The Departmental Copier Program personnel will make arrangements to provide a copy machine that is adequate in terms of size and capabilities to meet the requester's needs. All those who are authorized to use the copier will be billed at the current cost per copy.

The Request Is Not Justified and Will Not Be Processed

Either the volume is too low to cost-effectively justify the placement of a copy machine in that area or there is a copier located conveniently nearby that will sufficiently meet the requester's needs. The requestor will be advised of other options, which may include participation in a minimum charge program.