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Konica 363 Instructions

How to Copy Onto Transparencies

  1. If required, enter a password to activate the copier. Position your originals face up on the document feeder or face down on the document glass.

    Illustration showing proper transparency loading position.

  2. After a few seconds, the Paper screen should come up as shown on the right. Select [Transparency] as the paper type for the bypass tray, and then touch [OK].

    Screenshot of Paper Type screen. Transparency is the upper right button in the second column.

    Stop SignIf you do not want to interleave a sheet of paper in between your transparencies, then just press Start on the keypad to begin.

  3. Touch [Application], and then touch [Sheet/Cover/Chapter Insert].

    Screenshot of the Application tab.

  4. Touch [OHP Interleave].

    Screenshot of Sheet/Cover/Chapter Insert screen. OHP Interleave is the first button.

  5. Touch the tray that is carrying 8.5 x 11paper. In the picture on the right, you would touch tray 1. However, the type of paper in trays 1 and 2 vary in each department.

    Screenshot of the OHP Interleave screen.

  6. After choosing the correct tray, touch Blank if you want a blank sheet of paper between the transparencies or touch Copy if you want a copy of the original between the transparencies. Press Start on the keypad to begin.