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Konica 420 Instructions

How to Add an Email Address Into Copier Memory

Get the instructions in a printable MS Word format or PDF format.

Press Utility/Counter on the keypad.

Illustration of Utility/Counter button.

Touch [1-One-Touch Registration]
Touch [1-Scan]
Touch [1-Address Book]
Touch [1-E-Mail]

Screenshot with circled One-Touch Registration button.

You should now be at the screen on the right. Touch New.

Screenshot with circled New button.

Touch Name and a keyboard should pop up on the screen. Enter the Name and touch OK. You should now be back at this screen again. Touch E-Mail Address and then another keyboard should pop up on the screen. Enter the E-Mail address and then touch OK.

Screenshot with circled E-Mail field buttons.

Now touch Index as indicated on the right.

Screenshot with circled Index button.

If the first character of the name you entered is a letter, it will be automatically registered as the Index character. For destinations that are frequently used, touch Main in order to make it show up in the easier to access Main index. Departments that only have a few people should probably use the index “etc” instead of alphabetizing by name so that all the names conveniently show up under one index. When finished choosing the index, touch OK twice and the process is now finished.

Screenshot with circled Main input area.