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Konica 420 Instructions

How to Use the Stapling Feature

Get the instructions in a printable MS Word format or PDF format.

Stapling is limited to a maximum of 50 sheets and a minimum of 2 sheets. If required, enter a password to activate the copier. Position your originals face up on the document feeder or face down on the document glass.

To start, touch Finishing.

Screenshot with circled Finishing button.

Here you can choose to either staple at the top left corner or staple 2 positions on the left side. If you take a look at the diagram of the touchscreen, it will show you the current selected position of the staples. Once you have touched either Corner or 2 Position, touch OK.

Screenshot with circled staple position choices.

Stop Sign Stop right here if you are satisfied with the staple position either in the top left corner or on the left side 2 Positions. Press Start on the keypad to begin your copy job with stapling. If you want to change the position of the staples, continue on this procedure.

To change the position of the staples from the default position, touch Position.

Screenshot showing Position button.

This menu shows you the different staple positions that are possible. The items surrounded by the red box show the different positions that you choose. Touch the desired staple position and confirm that it is correct by looking at the circled diagram on the left side of this screen.

Press Start on the keypad to begin your copy job with stapling.

Illustration of Staple Position choices.