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Konica 420 Instructions

How to Use Book Copy

Get the instructions in a printable MS Word format or PDF format.

If required, enter a password to activate the copier. Position your bounded document face down on the document glass.

Illustration of proper book position.

Since Book Copy mode turns off automatic paper selection, you will have to choose your own paper size automatically. Touch Paper.

Screenshot with circled Paper button.

For most applications, you will want to touch the tray with Letter size paper. The only reason you would want larger paper is if you want the pages in the book to be spread on one big page. In that case, you would probably want to touch 11x17.

Screenshot with circled paper size buttons.

Touch Application.

Screenshot with circled Application button.

Touch Book Copy / Repeat.

Screenshot showing circled Book Copy / Repeat button.

Touch Book Copy.

Screenshot with circled Book Copy Interleave.

Here is where your paper selection comes into play. As stated previously, most people choose Letter size paper. If you chose letter size paper, touch Separation as shown on the right. The only reason you would not pick Separation is if you want to also include the front/back cover(s) of the book. If you choose Front and Back Cover you must copy the front cover first, then the back cover, and then the pages in the book. Remember, if you chose 11x17 size paper, you must touch Book Spread. Press Start on the keypad to begin.

Screenshot with circled Book Copy Interleave.