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Konica 421 Instructions

How to Add an Email Address

  1. To display the One-Touch/User Box Registration screen, press the [Utility/Counter] key on the control panel.

    Illustration of Utility/Counter button.

  2. Touch #1 [One-Touch/User Box Registration].

    Screenshot with circled One-Touch Registration button.

  3. Touch #1 [Create One-Touch Destination].

  4. Touch #1 [Address Book].

  5. Touch [E-Mail], then to register a new address, touch [New].

    Screenshot of the Utility Screen.

  6. Touch [No.], and then enter the registration number between 1 and 2,000.

    Screenshot of the Utility > E-mail > New screen.

  7. Touch [Name]. Enter the Name from the touch panel, then touch OK.

  8. TIP: If the first character of the name you entered is a letter, it will be automatically registered as the Index character. For destinations that are frequently used, Touch [Favorites] in order to make it show up in the easier to access Main index.

    Departments that only have a few people should probably use the index “etc” instead of alphabetizing by name so that all the names conveniently show up under one index.

  9. Touch [Index]. Select the index characters. For frequently used destinations, simultaneously specify them in [Favorites]. This setting speeds up searches, then touch OK.

    Screenshot of the Utility > E-Mail > Index screen.

  10. Touch [E-Mail Address]. Enter the destination E-Mail address from the touch panel and select OK.

  11. When finished select OK. Continue to select Close until you return to the main screen.