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Konica 7145 Instructions

How to Add an Email Address Into Copier Memory

Get the instructions in a printable MS Word format or PDF format.

If required, enter a password to activate the copier. Position your originals face up on the document feeder or face down on the document glass. Adding an E-Mail address to the copier is fast and easy. To start, press Scanner (or Scan/Server) on the keypad.

Screenshot with circled Scanner tab.

Now touch E-Mail. (Sometimes it will already be selected.)

Screenshot with circled Email button.

Touch Entry on the right side of the touch-screen.

Screenshot with circled Entry button.

Touch E-Mail Register (on some machines it will be called Addr.Reg./Edit) to create a new E-Mail address in memory.

Screenshot with circled E-Mail Register button.

Start by touching E-Mail Address. This will bring up a small keyboard. Enter the address and touch OK. Now touch Name. This will bring up that same keyboard. Enter the name of the person and touch OK. If you want to store the E-Mail addresses alphabetically, then touch one of the other buttons: A-, D-, G-, J-, M-, P-, T-, W-. If you want to store the E-Mail address in one large folder, then touch No.etc.

Screenshot with circled email buttons.

Touch Entry to save the e-mail address you just entered. After touching Entry, you can either add another e-mail address or touch Back to return to the main screen.

Screenshot with circled Entry button.