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Konica 7145 Instructions

Electronic Copy Monitor (ECM) Instructions

Important Note: Print usage will not be detailed (by user) on the copy printout unless you have the password print function installed - prints will be shown as a cumulative total each month. you may press the tiny 123 button on the copier panel right below the on/off power button to see the total copy and print numbers, and these will also show when you print your copier report.

To Print Out Current ECM Copy-Counts and Reset Back to Zero

  1. If your copier utilizes passwords, start by entering your password and pressing the start button. Select the “?” (help) button.
  2. Select ‘key-op mode’ at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Enter the 8-digit master code.
  4. There will be a menu displaying 10 choices. Select the arrow pointing down to bring up additional choices.
  5. Select #13: List Print.
  6. Select the middle choice: User setting list.
  7. Touch “o.k.” to accept and print out the information. (You will also get 2-3 pages of other copier settings.)
  8. After receiving printout select ‘cancel’ to return to the previous menu.
  9. Select up facing arrow to display choices #1 – 10.
  10. Select choice #4: ECM.
  11. Enter 8-digit ECM code & select “o.k.”.
  12. Select choice #3: All Counter Reset.
  13. **Make sure you have a print-out before you do this step.**
    Select ‘yes’ to erase all copycounts back to zero.
  14. Select ‘cancel’ to return to previous menu.
  15. Turn the copier off and then back on to return to a normal copy mode.

To Add or Change Password Information

To access the ECM Operator Mode, you push the Help (?) button. Touch ‘key-op mode’ at the bottom of the screen. Enter the 8-digit master code. Select #1: ‘System/Copier’. Select #4: ‘User Acct/ECM’. Enter your 8-digit ECM code and select ‘o.k.’ You will now have the choices listed below::

Change / Add E.C.M. Data

You use this screen to add new I.D. numbers & create for each a password, name (optional) and copy limit (optional). (To change existing information go to choice #2: E.C.M. Data List.) Before you install a new user password into your copier you must be sure that the Copier Program office has an authorized “Request for Copy machine Password” form on file for that user & password.

  1. You must assign an I.D. # for each user. The I.D. numbers usually start with 001, 002, 003, etc; and there are 255 available accounts. (You must have a written listing of all copier account numbers, passwords, names & limits before you start programming, and a copy of this list must be kept on file in the Copier Program Office.)
  2. For each new I.D. number you enter a 1-8 digit numeric code that will serve as the password.
  3. If you choose to enter an alphabetic name to identify each numeric code, select “Name” and a keyboard will come up on which you spell out the desired name, selecting “O.K.” when you are through. (Select “Del.” to delete any unwanted letters.)
  4. If you want a copy limit, select “Limit” and enter a 6-digit number. When you are finished select “O.K.” You continue this process until all of the desired passwords are input.
  5. To exit the ECM control mode select “cancel”, then “return”, then “return” again, then “mode change”; the screen will be fuzzy for a few seconds, when it is in focus select “normal mode”, the screen will be fuzzy again for a few seconds while it switches to the normal beginning screen.

ECM Data List

Use this selection to display a listing (by assigned I.D. #) of current copy counts & copy limits, AND to edit, add and/or delete the following data:

  • Edit items: ECM password, Name, Copy Limit & Copy Count
  • Delete items: ID #, ECM Password, Name, Copy Limit, Copy Count
  • Add items: ID #, ECM Password, Name, Copy Limit
  1. Use the upper & lower arrow keys to select the information you want to edit.
  2. To delete select “Del.” & confirm your choice by entering “yes” or “no”.
  3. Select “Add” to open an input screen where you add your new data.
  4. Select “Edit” to open an edit screen where you can re-enter the items you wish to change.
  5. Select “O.K.” when you are finished with input.
  6. To exit the ECM control mode, continue selecting “return” until you see “mode change” & select that, then select “normal mode” to return the copier to it’s normal copy mode.

All Counter Reset

Use this selection to reset all of the existing copycounts back to zero.

  1. Touch “yes” to reset all counters. Or touch “no” not to reset.
  2. Touch “Return” to complete your choice.
  3. Touch “Return” to restore the System/Copier Setting Menu screen.
  4. Touch “Return” again to restore the Key Op Mode screen.
  5. Touch “Mode”
  6. After the screen comes into focus touch ‘Normal Mode’ to return copier to normal copy mode.

ECM On / Off Setting

This selection is used by Copier Program Personnel to activate the ECM function.

Copy Limit Reached Effect

Use this selection to choose whether the copier will stop when the copy limit is reached, or if the copier will complete the copy job before stopping.

  1. Select from the following 3 options: Immediately, After Job, or Warning (which will stop the copier & display the copy limit reached).
  2. Touch “o.k.” to complete your choice and return to the User Account (ECM) Setting menu screen.
  3. Touch “Return” to restore the System/Copier Setting Menu screen.
  4. Touch “Return” again to restore the Key Op Mode screen.
  5. Touch “Mode”
  6. After the screen comes into focus touch ‘Normal Mode’ to return copier to normal copy mode.