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Konica C350 Instructions

How to Add an Email Address Into Copier Memory

Get the instructions in a printable MS Word format or PDF format.

Note: In order to register an e-mail address to the Bizhub C350, the IP address for your specific copier is required. If you need this information, please contact the Departmental Copier Program ( or ext. 5-5329).

After you enter your correct webpage address, the screen shown in the graphic should show up. Click on the Scan button.

Screenshot of administrative web page.

You should now see the following page after clicking on the Scan button. Now under the Index heading, please click on the Index name that you want to add the e-mail address under (i.e. Index1, Index2, etc.) Under the specific Index name heading (i.e. Index 1), click on a blank space signified by three dashes ( --- ). If there is no blank space, then you will have to choose another Index name (i.e. Index2, Index3, etc) in which a blank space is available.

Screenshot with of web page showing registratin options.

After clicking on the three dashes, you should see another screen. Make sure that Scan to E-mail is selected and click on Next>.

Screenshot of web page showing Scan To Email selection.

You should now be at the screen shown in the graphic. In the box to the right of Destination Name, enter the name of the person’s e-mail account. In the box to the right of Address(To:), enter the e-mail account (i.e. After you have filled out both boxes, click on Create to create the e-mail account on the copier. Congratulations, you have successfully entered a new scan to e-mail account.

Screenshot showing web page form for Scan To Email functionality.