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Konica C350 Instructions

Electronic Copy Monitor (ECM) Instructions

To Obtain A Meter Reading

  1. Enter password if required. Select the ‘Utility’ button on the upper left side of the copier panel.
  2. Select the top, middle choice: ‘Counter List’. This screen will display the grand total meter reading, as well as a breakdown between black & white, and color prints and copies.
  3. To print out this information select the ‘print’ tab.
    • This report requires letter size paper in the landscape direction. If there is already some in the copier, the ‘Start’ button on the panel will light up green. Press it to start.
    • If the button does not light up green, put a piece of letter paper in the bypass tray to the lower right of the machine in the landscape direction.
  4. When finished select ‘exit’ until you return to the main copy screen.

To Obtain Password Accounts Detail

  1. Enter password if required. Select the ‘Utility’ button on the upper left side of the copier panel.
  2. Select ‘Admin. Mode’.
  3. Enter your 8-digit master code.
  4. Select ‘Volume Track (EKC)’.
  5. Select ‘Volume Track Data’. (Make sure you have ledger paper (11” X 17”) paper in your copier or it won’t print.)
  6. Press the ‘Start’ button to print this report. (Note: the copies listed under ‘large’ are included in the total figure shown, you do not add the large copies, it is only showing you how many of the copies made were large.)
  7. When finished select ‘Cancel’, then ‘Enter’, then keep selecting ‘Exit’ to return to main menu.

To Reset Password Copy-Counts Back To Zero

Note: Only perform this function immediately after you have printed out the password account detail, as once you erase these numbers there is no way to get them back!

  1. Stay in the ‘Volume Track Data’ section (see previous paragraph) and press ‘All Counter Reset’.
  2. Confirm by press ‘Yes’ on the window that will appear and press ‘Enter’. This has reset all of the EKC accounts to zero and a new month can begin!

To Add/Change Password Information

  1. Select ‘Utility’, then ‘Admin Mode’ and enter your 8-digit administrative code.
  2. Select ‘Volume Track (EKC)’, then ‘Volume Track Setting’ which will bring up boxes numbered in increments of 50 accounts each.
  3. Select the appropriate box and use the arrows to scroll up and down the accounts to either change existing information or add new password accounts; you can also put limits on each account from this screen.
  4. When finished select ‘enter’ twice and then keep selecting ‘exit’ to return to the main menu.