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Konica C350 Instructions

How to Scan to a Temporary Email Address

Get the instructions in a printable MS Word format or PDF format.

The following procedure will allow you to scan to a temporary e-mail address that is not listed in the index. If required, enter a password to activate the copier. Position your originals face up on the document feeder or face down on the document glass.

To start, press Scan on the keypad.

Illustration of keypad with circled Scan button.

Touch Address Input as shown circled on the right. A keyboard should come up on screen. Enter the desired e-mail address you want to send your scan to. When finished entering the e-mail address, touch Enter.

Screenshot with circled Address Input button.

Stop Sign If you are scanning simple documents and you want to accept default scan settings, then there is no need to go any further. Press Start on the keypad to send your scan.

If your document is on two sides, you will want to touch the Original Setting tab as shown circled in the graphic. Touch 2 for two-sided scanning.

Screenshot with circled 1 and 2 buttons.

The Scan Mode tab is where you can change various scan options such as file type and resolution. To start, touch the Scan Mode tab as shown circled in the graphic. If you want to change the resolution, just touch Resolution as shown in the red rectangle. If you want to change the file type, just touch the Scan Mode tab again and then touch Color/File in the red rectangle. You can also change other various options by following the same steps. When you are done changing the settings, press Start on the keypad to send your scan. Retrieve your originals and your scanned images will be waiting for you in your selected E-mail account.

Screenshot with different options selected.