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Konica C450 Instructions

How to Use Book Copy

Get the instructions in a printable MS Word format or PDF format.

efore you begin, note that when turning on Book Copy, several other options are turned on for you. These are Store Mode, Non-Image Area Erase, and Auto Layout. Because of this, please Do Not Close the document feeder on top of the book. If required, enter a password to activate the copier. To start, set your book on the glass so the middle spine is lined up with the A5R on the top measuring scale.

Illustration of proper book placement.

Touch Application.

Screenshot with circled Application button.

Touch Book Copy to begin your book copy.

Screenshot with circled Book Copy button.

Select Full Scan (the most common choice which copies just the pages in the book.)

Screenshot showing different mode selections.

Stop Sign Stop here if you only want to copy each of the book’s pages on one side. Touch OK twice to return to main screen, then press Start to begin scanning the pages. Continue to turn and scan the desired pages. When done scanning, touch STORE on the touchscreen and then press Start on the keypad to begin output.


Touch Booklet on the far right-hand side of the screen to change the output so that the pages will print out on each side of the paper, to allow you to fold them in half to create a booklet. You can choose between Left Binding or Right Binding. Touch OK. Press Start on the keypad to begin copying.

Screenshot with circled OHP Interleave.

You may also select “Frame Erase” from the Application menu to reduce dark edges.

Instead of selecting “Full Scan”, you may select to also copy the front cover, or front and back cover.