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Konica C451 Instructions

How to Use Book Copy

  1. Load the paper to be used into the desired paper tray, then place the book pages on the original glass, starting with the first page.

    Illustration of proper book position.

  2. If required, enter a password to activate the copier

    Touch [Application], and then touch [Book Copy/Repeat].

    Screenshot with circled Paper button.

  3. Touch [Book Copy].

    Screenshot with circled Paper button.

  4. Touch the button for the desired setting.
    • Book Spread - Both pages on one sheet.
    • Separation - Both pages on separate sheets.
    • Front Cover - Includes front cover.
    • Front & Back Cover - Includes both front and back cover.

    Screenshot showing these options.

    Select OK, then select Close.

  5. In the Basic Tab, touch [Paper], and then select the paper tray loaded with the paper.

    Using the keypad, type in the desired number of copies.

    Screenshot showing paper tray options.

    NOTE: Copier lid must remain open for the Book Copy feature.

  6. Press the [Start] key.