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Copy Machine Passwords

Requests for Passwords to Activate Copier Program Copy Machines

There are currently 190 Program copiers located throughout the campus. These are accessible to faculty and staff members who have either been approved for unrestricted access or have been assigned a numeric password code, depending on the copy machine. To determine the necessary activation device for a for a particular copy machine, contact the DCP Office:

Numeric Code Access

Most copiers within this Program are accessed by numeric passwords. To be issued a password you must submit a completed Request for Copy Machine Password form. Upon approval, a numeric password will be issued to activate the copy machine. Each copier that utilizes passwords keeps track of how many copies each password produces. The copy machine key operator reads the stored copy counts on the 20th of each quarter and reports these counts to the DCP office on the Black & White Copier Report or Color Copier Report, and each user account is billed accordingly. All copier password accounts are then set back to a usage of zero.

If you would like additional information or if you have questions regarding this Program, please call the DCP staff at (562) 985-5329.